5 Tips, how to secure wifi from hacking – full guide 2021

how to secure wifi from hacking

I am happy to see you on my blog, and it’s good that you are showing interest in “how to secure wifi from hacking at your home”. Here I am describing 5 methods to secure WiFi. but You can do that only while accessing the WiFi setup page of the router. So first, you must know what is our Gateway IP address or Router IP address to access the setup page.

How to access WiFi Setting Page

It is easy to find out gateway IP address in Windows.  you just need to follow the instructions given below

  1. Open the CMD
  2. ipconfig | findstr /i “gateway” after that you will see the IP address of the router. My router IP address is

Know the gateway or router IP Address

Open any desired Browser (Chrome, Firefox, safari) and enter the IP address of router and hit enter.
Access router by IP Address

The new page will be open and ask for the username and password. Enter the username and password if you know otherwise reset your router to get default username and password. Mostly default username and password has written on router so that you will get easily default username and password) When will login you will find a tab with wireless then you will find a wireless security tab click on dad and you will be able to access wireless security setting page?

how to secure wifi from hacking – 5 TIPS

Tip 1: Disable SSID Broadcast:

SSID is the name of your wireless access point, which is visible to clients at the time of connecting wifi. You need to enter the password at the time of the connection with WiFi. so if you disable it, nobody can see your WiFi access point name on his device and if he wants to connect with your WiFi, He must enter WiFi access point name myself.  So I am going to disable it, and my access point name will be invisible for others.

Disable SSID Broadcast
  1. in my TP link router Wireless> wireless setting > Wireless Network. you can see the in the image wireless network name (Kumar), which I have provided.
  2. Here is the option “enable SSID broadcast” I am going to uncheck this.

Now my access point broadcast is disabled it means nobody can see my WiFi network on his device.

Tip 2: Enable WPA/WPA2 Personal

Most wireless security has three type of the encryption

  1. Open
  2. WEP
  3. WPA/WPA2
Enable WPA/WPA2 Personal

If you want to increase the WiFi security then you must enable the WPA/WPA2 encryption.

Tip 3: Use a strong password.

You must provide a strong password as you know the strong password is not guessable or exist in Dictionary.  you must follow the policy of a strong password (combination of minimum a capital letter, small letter, one is a symbol and numeric key)

Tip 4: Disable WPS or QSS (Quick Secure Setup)

WPS (wireless protected setup) of QSS (Quick secure setup) should we disable because this type of setup can be cracked easily by Hackers so here I am going to show you in the image how you can disable WPS or QSS.

Disable WPS/QSS

In my TP link router QSS is a TAB click on that and here is the option disabled QSS just click on disable qs.  Later you will see that you have disabled QSS successfully you need to reboot your router.

Tip 5: Wireless Mac filtering

Wireless Mac filtering is awesome feature exist in the router which allows you to control the wireless stations for accessing the wireless network. it means when you enable the wireless Mac filtering the only device will be able to connect with WiFi, MAC address already added on the router.

  1. I have this feature on my Router,  tab wireless Mac filtering, Click on Enable link.
    Enable Wireless MAC filtering

how to add new device MAC address?

Click on add new and enter the Mac address and the description then save it. Now you have successfully added a device MAC address and now Only this device will able to connect to your WiFi.

Add new mac on ROUTER
Add more mac for devices

This device will be able to connect with wifi kumar. You can add more respectively.


After following these steps you will be able to secure your WiFi connection completely and no one can easily hack into your WiFi and no one can connect to your WiFi without your confirmation. If you are not an allowing someone, he will not able to connect to your WiFi.

If you have any question please comment below and if you want to require any content should be added, then please tell me in the comment box.

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