How to protect yourself from hackers on Facebook

protect your serlf from hacker's trcik

MODULE 10:- Social Engineering 

  1. Go Online SET Social Engineering Toolkit in Kali Linux
  2. How to protect yourself from hackers on Facebook

How to protect yourself from hacker on Social Media

Social media is a big part of human life. There are lots of social websites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, pinterest, etc. It is a big concern to stay safe on social media, because bad guy are also active on social media. Evil guy searches peoples who have little knowledge about the security and hacking trick. Such type of people are being trapped by bad guys. Security awareness about social media sites is important topic. Today I am going to show you how some bad guy trying to hack you.

1.) Stealing password:

User can access their data on the social sites by entering right username and password if the bad guy got this login credential, they can get access of your account. So I am posting a video where you can see how hacker steal your password :

2.) Installing Virus, Worms, Backdoor or Unwanted program in your computer.

If hackers are not able to find out the user name and password of the victim then next step of hackers to install virus, worms, backdoor or other harmful program in computer. it is another trick to trap the people.
See Demo

3.) Coming soon

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