How to set grub password to boot linux single user mode

protect grub boot loader

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In the last article, I have described 6 Methods to change root password Ubuntu in Linux (Ubuntu). One of the methods to change the root user password was by boot Linux single user mode. By booting Linux in single user mode, you can change and edit anything (Files & directory) inside the Linux operating system. It may be system configuration files. so in this article, I am going to show you how you can protect grub bootloader by implementing grub password protection, so Linux will not boot Linux Single user mode.

Set grub password to boot Linux single user mode


This is a higher level of security if you know how to crack the password in Ubuntu by single user mode then this tutorial is recommended to protect grub bootloader in Ubuntu as well as another Linux. Superuser password would be required to edit grub menu proceed with the video

Video Tutorial 

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