How to Make Anonymous VPN vs. TOR Full Explanation 2021

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Today I am going to describe about TOR and VPN. Many new person ask about Being anonymous on internet but actually they don’t know “what tools can make them anonymous completely?” So I decided to write a short article on How to Make Anonymous VPN vs. TOR.

The following things will be clear through this article:

  • How to make anonymous VPN or TOR?
  • What is working methodology of TOR?
  • What are the pros and cons of VPN/TOR?
  • New user will be able to decide which one is useful for him VPN or TOR?
  • And what should he use VPN and TOR.

What is TOR?

I am going to explain about the TOR. TOR is an anonymity network accessed b free software or tools that allow users to access the internet anonymously. If the user access internet through VPN then the VPN provider knows users real IP address. Also he can monitor users internet activity. But in a TOR network users traffic is routed through number of nodes So each of those nodes is only aware about the IP address of the next node and after node. So that No one can know user’s whole path between source and destination.

The tor is originated The Onion Router. Tor Is keeping users true identity hidden and provide an extremely secure way to access internet.

How TOR Works:

As we have discuss above, The TOR network passes data between A number of randomly selected nodes, and encrypt data each time. Each node knows the identity of front node and behind nodes. But can’t know the whole route.

how tor works 1

For the security reasons please relay circuits are randomly reset every 5 to 10 minutes so that users activity cannot be linked to earlier activities.

how tor works 2

Each node in the TOR network is run by a volunteer, so The more volunteer all involved for more nodes. And more nodes make the Tor network more secure. So the whole tor network is secure.

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Installing TOR:

The TOR is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. installing of TOR is very easy these days. in Windows you will have to download and run TOR package. It Will be extracted into a directory of your choice. the installation will not to be added extra files in your computer.



install tor



  • Double click on the” start TOR browser.exe” And the connection window will start.


  • Click on the connect. the connection window will be open


  • Once your connection will be established with Tor network, TOR client starts a customized version of Firefox Browser. it is portable and very lightweight, so user can carry on a USB stick. user can access the internet anonymously from any PC with the help of portable Tor Browser.


Now this is a good news! you can surf internet anonymously, and TOR service can be on/off using the onion icon. it can be done why using icon’s drop down menu.
Tor is also integrated with the TAILS live CD/ USB Linux best distribution, so you can boot any computer with secure tails OS.


As you know now, purpose of TOR is similar as VPN. both of them are used for hiding identity to users while accessing internet. Those can be used for spoofing geolocation, continually connecting with different – 2 nodes. The exit node can be chosen for desired country.
However, used technology is quite similar, but they are different in use. Let’s see..

Tor Advantages

  • No-one can trace you back with the help of external IPs visited. For Example Google, Facebook etc.
    Most useful feature is Distributed network – It is impossible to shut down TOR network, or attack in the network.
  • Free.

TOR Disadvantages:

  • Very slow – Because users data is routed through different – nodes all over world. More data traveling take more time. So using TOR can be very slow.
  • Not suitable for P2P file sharing – using bittorrent over TOR network is very slow and painful, because it slows down the entire tor network for other users. Some of other users who access to the internet via TOR may be of painfully slow speed.

VPN Advantages:

  • Fast – In the comparison of TOR, VPN is fast. Generally we can say it will be very little slowdown than your basic internet speeds. So you can enjoy fast speed.
  • Location Spoofing is very easy – Many VPN service provider have servers in many locations worldwide. So you can connect desired location and spoof your geolocation easily, and access restricted media content.
  • Good for P2P file sharing: While many VPN service provider are not promoted it, but still some of them are ready for P2P file sharing, and you will get fast speed for downloading and uploading.

VPN Disadvantage:

  • As I described in previous articles ……………….., They neither protect your privacy nor make you anonymous. And some of them can monitor your internet activity, many countries is required to keep records as by law from VPNs. VPNs are also vulnerable to server raids by the police, and provide information when asked. This is very important to choose a VPN service with ‘no logs’. When as service provider promise for ‘no logs’ you will have to trust on their words.
  • Costs Money – It is hard to get a better subscription under $10 for one month, but you can subscribe in less for long subscription. For example 1 year/2years/5 years etc.


You can use TOR without trust anyone, and it make you completely anonymous on internet. However it is slow, but still useful. I suggest you don’t download content using bittorrent over TOR network. But tor is not suitable for many online activities so people want to use VPN for example P2P file sharing, access geo-restricted content etc.

Using VPN with TOR:

It is very exciting to know about using TOR and VPN together, Yes, it is possible and increase the security and privacy on internet.

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