How to Install wordpress upload file and unzip file

wordpress upload file and extract it

WordPress upload file

Welcome friends, Here I am going to show you all steps for how to install wordpress upload file and unzip file. this wordpress turorials for beginners, who have just started to learn about creating website. the first step is download from it official website.

Download WordPress

Go to this link and click on download

download wordpress

WordPress Upload File and extract it on Remote host

Step 1: Go bigrock control panel and click on file manager

file manager in big rock

Step 3: The new tab will be open with File manager.

Step 4: Click on Upload button left upper corner, and you can see here new tab will open.

Upload file trough file manager

Step 5: In this tab you will find option choose file, click on it and new window will will be popup where you will select downloaded wordpress zip file.

upload wordpress zip file

Step 6: Go on back on File Manager tab and right click on uploaded wordpress zip file and extract, if you don’t find file refresh the page.

upload wordpress zip file

extract file under public_html

success fully extracted

Step 7: You will find a folder named wordpress. if you dont find it, refresh the page.

Step 8: Open wordpress folder and select all files right click and click on move, new window will be popup

Select all files and move

Step 9: Remove /public_html/wordpress /wordpress and this address will be looks like /public_html

move to public_html

Now inside file manager you will see following files delete wordpress folder and file.

delete wordpress folder

In this tutorial, you learn only how to download file and how you can upload it on public_html folder. and you have extracted files successfully, moved files from wordpress to /public_html.

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