How to Install Kali Linux via Network PXE

kali linux install PXE

Install Kali Linux via Network PXE

Booting and installing Kali  via the network (PXE) may be useful from a single Computer install with no CDROM/USB , to deployments of Kali Linux in Enterprises is supporting pre-seeding of the Kali installation. Here is following Phases to install Kali Linux via Network PXE.

Setting up a PXE Server

dnsmasq is a utility used to setup server for DHCP and DNS, So We need to install dnsmasq first. Second is editing of /etc/dnsmasq.conf file. USer can do thing by using following commands.

#apt-get install dnsmasq

#leafpad /etc/dnsmas1.conf

In dnsmasq.conf, empower DHCP, TFTP and PXE booting and set the dhcp-range to match your network. If necessary you can likewise characterize your gateway and DNS servers with the dhcp-option mandate as shown as follows:


When the editing done, save the file and start the dnsmasq. If this service take more time to install as usual then restart the service. After restarting service changes take effect automatically.

#service dnsmasq restart

Download Kali PXE Netboot Images

If you want to setup PXE network you need to run following commands

#mkdir -p /tftpboot
#cd /tftpboot
*// for 64 bit systems:
*// for 32 bit systems:
#tar zxpf netboot.tar.gz
#rm netboot.tar.gz

Configure Target to Boot From Network

After setting up PXE server then you need to go on another machine to see what happend. and you another system will be start.

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  1. Great post and video Kumar. I was trying to get this to work but i have installed BackBox on my laptop and it is not letting me install anything else. Every usb or network install I try is blocking it. Do you any idea what this could be

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