How To Install Kali Linux On USB Drive Persistent

Linux Persistent

At the time of creating a persistent USB drive, size does matter! The larger size of the USB drive, better, also depending on the Linux version. In this process Linux System will be used so make sure the tool GParted is installed. If the GParted tool is not exist in your system the install by using given method:

  • Apt-get install gparted
  • Aptitude install gparted
  • Yum install gparted

After completing installation of GParted.

Follow the given instruction:

  1. Download Kali Linux ISO file & plug the thumb drive
  2. Open terminal and find the USB device location by using following commands
    mount | grep –I udisks |awk ‘{print $1}’
  3. Its needed to transfer Kali Linux ISO image into the USB device by using following commands
    dd if = Kali_Image.iso of =/dev/sdb bs =512k
  4. Open Gparted
    gparted /dev/sdb
    The device should have one partition with the image of Kali Linux that was just installed.How To Install Kali Linux On USB Drive Persistent_image01

Add New Partition in USB Device

Add new partition in Pen Drive, launch the Gparted by given method then follow the given instruction:

  1. Select unallocated space and right click then click on ‘New’.
  2. Create as New & Select ext4 from drop down menu in File system .
  3. Add.
  4. Apply All Operations.
    How To Install Kali Linux On USB Drive Persistent_image02

Add persistent configuration file by using following command.

  • #mkdir /mnt/usb
  • #mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt/usb
  • #echo “/ union” >> /mnt/usb/persistence.conf
  • #umount /mnt/usb
    How To Install Kali Linux On USB Drive Persistent_image03

Now Creation of LiveUSB installation be completed, Reboot the computer and boot from SUB Drive .

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