How to get administrator privileges on windows 10


Administrator privileges windows 10

The real pain is when you get a computer without administrator privilege, you can’t install games, programs.

If you try to install something it will ask for an administrator password. If you don’t know the administration password you can’t do anything on the computer.

Everyone will give you windows 10 machines with the guest account, so you can’t make big changes in the system. you try to get some big changes, get some errors like in the image.

A Big question: how to get administrator privileges on Windows 10? 

The answer is: Administrator privileges windows 10

Some security researcher finds time to time security flaws, recently they have discovered CVE-2017-0213  It helps users to privilege escalation on Windows 10 and previous versions like Windows 7/8/8.1. But how exactly you will do.

How to get administrator privileges on Windows 10

  1. Login to Windows 10 and open cmd and check who are you? by running following command
  2. Try to change the administrator password by using net user commands.
    You will not able to change the password because you don’t have enough permission. you will get “access denied” error
  3. Download privilege escalation exploits from given the link and extracts it. you will get the .exe file after extraction. Double click on this file,  New cmd windows will be open with system administrator privilege now you can change the administrator password.

you have done it! if you will any problems please write in the comment box.

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