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What is Virtual Machine?

Virtual Machine (VM) is a logical Machine inside computer works like physical machine (Real Computer) it is created by using Virtualization Software like VirtualBox and VMware. Virtualbox is best and free Software. We can create virtual machines for Windows, Linux, Mac and Other Operating Systems. When we create Virtual machine, it is similar as fresh computer (Without Operating System) It has most of Hardware devices virtually like hard drive, DVD writer, LAN card, etc.

Is it amazing ???

Yes, Of course it is amazing because you are going to run a virtual computer inside your real computer. It means you can run multiple computers at same time. Like Window 8, Window 10, Kali Linux, Ubuntu, And more. If you are looking such type of interesting thing. Continue reading  …..

Why did I choose to Create Virtual machine for Kali Linux?

Kali Linux is a propelled Penetration Testing and Security Auditing Linux distribution.

As you know that Kali Linux is a propelled Penetration Testing and Security Auditing Linux distribution. And you can use Live CD or flash drive of Kali Linux for Penetration Testing but Kali Linux updates time to time with new tools. So it is good for getting new tools first install Kali Linux on Virtual Box then updates & upgrades it time to time with its tools. Before installing Kali Linux you have to create Virtual Machine correctly inside Virtual Box or VMware.

How to create Virtual machine for Kali Linux:

If you are interested to learn new things like me then this tutorial useful for you. By the help of Virtual machines you can set up Virtual Lab inside a single Computer. First we are going to create a Virtual Attacker machine (Kali Linux).

Virtual machines’s Requirements:

Before start creates virtual Machine you need following requirement.

Virtual Box should be installed on you system. If you dont’t know how to install Virtualbox on Windows, go Here

Installing VirtualBox on Microsoft Windows 7 & 8 For creating virtual machine for Kali Linux, follow the steps.

Step 1: Open the Virtual box

Step 2: Click on the New. The new window will be pop up. In this window you will find three options for filling Name, type & version.

Step3: Following things are to be filled:

                Name : Kali Linux

                Type: Linux

                Version: Debian 32 or 64 (according system architecture)

Click Next

How to create Virtual machine_image1

Step 4: In the next window you need to set the virtual memory (RAM) of  machine.1024 MB size [Is enough] for Kali Linux. So assign 1024 MB size for RAM. Click on the Next button.

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Step 5: In the next window  you need to create a virtual hard drive. Select “Create a virtual hard drive Now” then click on the Create button.

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Step 6: Here you need to select file type of hard drive[where your hard drive will be saved]Select VMDK(Virtual Machine Disk) recommended because this supports to VMware . Then click on the next button

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Step 7: Select “dynamically allocation”. By this option you can resize hard drive, later as per your requirement click on next button you will reach on the next step.

Step 8: There are two options in this window, first give the location of hard drive file where do you want to save the  hard drive file . Then set the size of hard drive upto 20 GB[can be extended]  for Kali Linux And click on Create button. 

How to create Virtual machine_image5 After the execution of above  steps your Virtual machine for Kali Linux is Ready. Now you can install kali Linux on Virtual machine.


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