How to make bootable Live USB/Pendrive Ubuntu

make bootable Live USB/Pendrive Ubuntu

How to make bootable live USB Ubuntu by Windows 10

Hi friends in this article I am going to cover to make a bootable USB pen drive of Ubuntu 15.04 and later version. before creating a live boot USB you must know “what is the live boot?”

Live USB is external drive drive flash/Pen drive containing a full operating system that can be booted without installing on a machine. if you want to explore any new operating system then you can do that without installing it. for example: if you are a Windows user and want to switch to Ubuntu operating system and don’t want to lose your beloved OS, then you can create a bootable USB and start using Ubuntu operating system alongside with Windows 10.

Advantage of live boot USB Ubuntu

I have figured out some advantage of live boot USB Ubuntu, those are listed following:

  1. You can use Ubuntu on any supported machine without installing it.
  2. Live operating system will not alter existing files of current operating system unless you ask.
  3. Live system can we copied n reproduced easier.
  4. The additional benefits of live boot USB of secure the privacy because user can easily carry operating system and its storage along with him/her.
  5. Live boot system contains operating system applications configuration and Personal files in the case of persistent live boot.

Disadvantage of live boot Ubuntu

When you are looking forward to make a bootable Linux USB you should aware wtih disadvantage of this type of live Linux USB boot.

  1. Live boot Ubuntu is slower than the normal because USB is not faster as hard disk and it will take a long time to load the files.
  2. The system will Mount read only you can not make it changes.
  3. System can get corrupted easily and you will desire to bring a copy with you for security.
  4. RAM and processor usability is higher.
  5. Some software inside USB live boot does not work perfectly.

Requirements to create live Ubuntu USB


  1. ISO image of Ubuntu download from here
  2. Universal USB installer software
  3. A Pen drive at least 4 GB free space
  4. A machine with installed Windows operating system.

Now you have everything ready with you to go, Now you need to follow the given steps to complete installation of live boot Ubuntu USB

  1. Connect your USB with the laptop.
  2. Run the USB installer the user access control will be prompt click on Yes to continue.
  3. Next window will open licence agreement read it carefully then click on I Agree.
    open licence agreement read it
  4. This is the setup Selection page
    1. Select the Ubuntu from the dropdown menu
    2. In the second step browse the downloaded Ubuntu ISO image
    3. Select your USB flash drive letter which you want to create live boot
  5. Click on the create
    setup Selection page

The live boot creation wizard will be open and start the creating live boot itself. It will take a little bit time after some time you will see you have completed live boot creation then click on the close

Remove the pendrive and boot another computer by using this live boot for the testing purpose. When you are going to boot another computer makes sure The Legacy boot option should we enable in your BIOS setting.

Video Tutorial make bootable Live USB/Pendrive Ubuntu :

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