How to Choose Best VPN Services or Best VPN Connection

Best VPN Services or Best VPN Connection

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What is VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Network is an application by which a user can access any blocked website keeping his identity secure and hidden. To understand the VPN, you can read the blog “What is a VPN Connection Used for“.

What is VPN Services

What is VPN Services

The service provided by the VPN Server companies are known as VPN services. Always, an uninterrupted and reliable service of VPN will attract the clients.

What is VPN Connection

What is VPN Connection

VPN Connection is basically provided by a VPN Server to its client. VPN connection is available online with paid subscription scheme and also available for free.

Free VPN connection is almost found dangerous which creates a numerous virus/malware problems in the client system and more.

Paid subscription of VPN connection gives perfect and reliable solution to the clients in terms of safeguard of clients device data and also keep hidden the identity of clients.

VPN connection is basically provide a virtual IP address of the client. Further the client will be identified with that virtual IP address in the Internet clouds.

If you want to select any VPN connection, you can read the article “Top 7 Best VPN 2020“.

How to Choose Best VPN Services or Best VPN Connection

How to Choose Best VPN Services or Best VPN Connection

Best VPN Offers of the Month

There are many VPN Services or connection available in the market online. Some companies are offering a few things and some are more. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand how to choose best VPN services or best VPN connection.

However, you can visit to get the Best VPN offers of the current month. The following aspects may be kept in mind while searching to subscribe a best VPN services or best VPN connection.



Unblocking Capabilities

One of the big reason behind subscription of VPN services, is to access some blocked website or online application. However, every VPN companies available in the market has not capability to unblock those blocked sites or online applications.

Therefore, before purchase of a VPN subscription, unblocking capability should be checked by the user. Unblocking features will certainly be mentioned in their website or technical specification section.

In case, such information not found available in the technical document, you can contact with the firm through their customer care number or online chatting application.

Peer to Peer Torrent Service

Each and every VPN services not allows peer to peer torrent download service. Hence, before purchasing the VPN service, it should be checked from relevant website or technical documents that if such torrent download services are allows or not.

Actually, when you are sharing a torrent file from your system, all the other torrent downloading person may trace your IP address. A reliable torrent friendly VPN service will secure your real IP address by offering virtual IP address with other person.

Value for money

Best VPN services are not only judged with regard to its subscription cost. You can found very cheapest service of a VPN connection, which also fulfills all of your requirements.



No Log Policies

Most reputed companies are offering no-log policy for use of VPN connection. If you are going to choose best VPN service, you must have ensure that no-log policy adopted by the company.

VPN servers, which maintain logs of their clients regarding VPN uses, are not recommended to be subscribe. Best VPN services are those, who are by default omitting logs of their client’s activity over the VPN connection.

Off-course, I am sure that you will not go for any illegal activity over the VPN connection, but maintaining log may compromise your privacy at later stage.

Strong Encryption of Data

Strong Encryption of Data

Best VPN connection is also depending on the fact how strongly encrypted your data before sending it to Internet clouds. Best VPN services can create strongly encrypted VPN tunnel which keep ISP away to track your activity.

Therefore, it is compulsory to check encryption label before buying any VPN service through chat application or telephone connection provided on their website.

In fact, encryption of data can also prevent any Government agency to keep track on your all online activity over the Internet, when you are using VPN connection.

Hiding Online Identity

Normally, whenever you visit any site, that web server can see your real IP address. Which may be used by some of these web server to target you to display advertisement of your choice.

By using a VPN service, your real IP address will keep hidden and a virtual IP address will be served with all those web server. Those IP address will automatically de-activated after closing your VPN connection.

Hence, use of a best VPN connection, may protect your privacy from the advertisers and also from the hackers and scammers.

Protect in Public Network

Accessing a public network like WiFi, is not very secure in terms of stealing or compromising data of device by hackers. Hackers can very easily hack a device, accessing public network.

Best VPN service can allow you to use such public network any time without worrying about compromising your privacy. VPN connection will create an encrypted tunnel, thereby protect you to track by anybody over the same public network.



Server’s Capability

Speed of VPN Services is depend upon the Servers capability and location. Hence, before buying a best VPN service, you should check the bandwidth providing by the VPN server.

Location of Server Situated

Location of VPN server is also an important aspect to keep in mind for getting maximum speed of your VPN connection. The speed will certainly be increased if the server located nearest to your device location. Therefore, you must check where the VPN server is situated, before buying.

Device Compatibility

Device Compatibility

It is not mandatory to play all the VPN application in all the platforms like, Windows, Android, IoS, Linux etc.

Best VPN services are those which are provided for use by all kinds of such Operating Systems. You must check before buying a VPN connection, if the application can be run in your device or not.

Security of Data



No doubt, encryption is one of the main features of security. However, the topic of encryption have already been discussed above.

Stability of VPN Connection

Security of your device and information over the internet is also depends upon how much a VPN connection would be stable. Sometime, VPN connection automatically close without any notification.

At that time, your security may be compromised since your VPN server lost your connection and your real IP address made visible over the internet clouds.

Hence, we mush ensure if any alternate application like kill switch are used by your VPN server to prevent your security on sudden drop-out of VPN connection.

Leak of Information

Some VPN may leak your information very rarely. Therefore, you must check the fact from the relevant website.

Technical Features

Technical Features

Block VPN Uses

Use of VPN is totally banned in some countries like as China. VPN servers are blocked for access by ISPs of these countries.

However, to get access of web servers of such countries, you may have to opt for a VPN server, which is kept in the country where such uses are not banned.

Best VPN Connection for Different OS

Best VPN Connection for Different OS

VPN services or connections, are not showing equal performance in all the Operating System. Performance of VPN also varies among the OS. The current offer on different OS are as under :-

Free VPN

Free VPN

Are you searching for free VPN connection. Off-course, some companies are providing free VPN, but its not safe or reliable. Before proceed with free VPN, you can just have a look on the link about demerits of Free VPN.

Technical Aspects of Using Best VPN Services

Technical Aspects of Using Best VPN Services

Today, there is a very high competition in selling best VPN services in the market. Companies are attracting the customers with many additional features in their VPN application software. Due to all those additional features, the cost of the VPN application may increase.

However, to opt best VPN services, you would not require such all these additional attractive features. You can judge the best VPN services or best VPN connection on the basis of below mentioned basic features.

IP Address Protection Tools

There are two types of IP configuration used in the network system :-

  • IPv4 : This is the old version of IP configuration of a system.
    • IPv4 uses Connection-less Protocol.
    • IPv4 allows to create virtual communication layer.
    • IPv4 consumes very little memory.
    • IPv4 address is very easy to remember.
    • Being very old style of IP configuration, it supports all the devices in the World.
    • IPv4 addressing is basically used for video conferencing.
    • Examples of such IP address is as
  • IPv6 : This is the new generation IP configuration of system, especially used in android mobile phones.
    • IPv6 uses hierarchical addressing method.
    • IPv6 supports quality services.
    • It is an ideal protocol for neighboring node interaction.
    • Examples of such IP address is as 2001:0db8:0000:0000:0000:ff00:0042:7879

Although, IPv6 addressing method is very attractive in all aspects, but in view to use a best VPN services or best VPN connection, disabling feature of IPv6 connection is more reliable.

Minimizing WebRTC Leaks

Web Real Time Communication that is WebRTC is default application of every internet browsers. It always shows the real IP address of the system.

It is not easy to hide IP address from our own browser is not very easy at the time of using a a VPN connection. Such issue is known as WebRTC leaks.

All the companies are not providing solution of WebRTC leaks issues. The company which offer complete WebRTC leak protection, the service can be opted as best VPN services. If they are offering free trial, then you can check the WebRTC leak issues also.

However, manually you can also overcome such issues by editing the browser and firewall settings. To know the process you can read the article “WebRTC Leak and Its Prevention“.

Kill Switch

Many times, the VPN connection may drop automatically during browsing. At that time, as you do knot know the fact of dropped connection, your privacy can be compromised.

A Kill Switch can prevent exposing your real IP address even after dropping the VPN connection. Also it alert you regarding the issue.

Therefore, best VPN services or best VPN connection are those who offer such Kill Switch features in the VPN application.

Easy to Use

Easy to use features is one of the most important aspect before choosing best VPN services or best VPN connection.

Important Features Offered by Best VPN Services

Important Features Offered by Best VPN Services

Disabling IPv6 Addressing Features

As discussed above, IPv4 addressing technique is best for VPN users. Hence, best VPN services automatically disable IPv6 addressing features.

WebRTC Leaks Protection

Best VPN services or best VPN connection offers complete webRTC leaks protection.

Kill Switch

Best VPN services always offer kill switch features with their software.

No Log Policy

Best VPN connection is definitely offer no log policy. Logs of your activity over the internet can be used to compromise your privacy.

Strong Encryption of Data

Tunneling feature of data provide strong encryption over the internet clouds. Such strong encryption will definitely prevent your activity tracking by other third party agency.


No matter how long the distance of your VPN server from your location. Higher bandwidth of VPN server can enhance your speed of your VPN connection.

Unblocking Streaming Services

Streaming services of other country can be unblocked by using best VPN services,

Unblocking Websites

An banned websites can be accessed by using best VPN services.

Virus and Malware Protection

Best VPN services or best VPN connection are those who are offering complete virus and malware protection.

Best VPN Services and VPN Connection

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