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Who is HostArmada?

If you are a blogger or a small business owner and you have not heard of HostArmada yet, then this post will open your eyes to an emerging giant in the industry! HostArmada opened its doors in 2019 and is one of the most innovative, robust, and speedy hosting providers. The company is self-owned by industry professionals with over 10+ years of web hosting experience in several other leading web hosting companies. With the massive amount of experience and knowledge came the know-how and passion behind HostArmada, which promise to fill the needs of pretty much anyone looking for a reliable web hosting experience at an affordable price. Their services include pure SSD storage, Nginx/LiteSpeed server configurations, and all-around fleshed out self-learning security system and a support team with a ton of experience and dedication tending to the needs of their customers 24/7/365.

HostArmada Web Hosting Benefits

HostArmada prides themselves on their server setup, as it was custom-tailored to fit the needs of the ever-growing necessity of web hosting clients. Speed, Security & Stability is the motto they stand behind, and based on what we have seen, it is absolutely on point.

Here is a glimpse of what you receive upon signing up for their hosting services:

Server Features

  • A wide variety of web hosting services: Shared Cloud Hosting, VPS Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated CPU Cloud hosting servers, which aim to fit the needs of everyone, no matter the type or size of business they own.
  • Nine strategic datacenter locations (Fremont, Toronto, Dallas, Newark, London, Frankfurt, Bangalore, Singapore, and Sydney) so their customers can be as close to their audience as possible, boosting their SEO and the UX!
  • Pure SSD storage, which is a market standard these days, and you should not settle for anything less than that!
  • Nginx or LiteSpeed web server, depending on the plan you choose. Both are solid choices, especially if you are a speed freak!
  • Their servers have the most recent and stable software and hardware available so their clients can enjoy the smoothest possible web hosting experience.
  • HostArmada uses cPanel  – a hallmark amongst the web hosting community, a sign of quality, ease of use, and stability.
  • Their security system includes an IPS/IDS feature allowing the collection of harmful policies. It proactively blocks known attacks and logs them appropriately, enabling their system administrators to closely examine each situation and prevent it before it even occurs!
  • To provide their clients with a robust email service, HostArmada integrated SpamExperts on their server to guarantee a 99.9% delivery rate on all outgoing emails.
  • A team of technical geeks with a ton of experience in the field regularly going the extra mile to help customers sort difficulties they may face with the hosting service or website.
  • A 99.9% uptime commitment for the server and all vital service running there (web server, mail server, etc.)
  • 45-days money-back guarantee! You will either purchase the service and love HostArmada, or they will give all your money back.

Website Features:

All of their hosting plans include:

  • Free website migration service performed seamlessly and professionally by their support team with no downtime or data loss.
  • Free SSL certificate installed by default on all domains/sub-domains hosted on their servers.
  • Free daily backups on all their plans so you can rest assured that you have an available copy of your project when you need it
  • Free malware scans upon request if you doubt that someone has compromised your website.
  • Free script installation and update services, as long as the software you need are compatible with their servers.
  • Free plugin and theme update services for most OpenSource applications such as WordPress, Joomla, and Magento!
  • A free domain registration upon sign up to get you started immediately!
  • Free priority technical support offered through tickets (10 min average response time).
  • Free one-click application installation software.

HostArmada Pricing

So, you might be wondering with the significant number of features listed above, this hosting web service will be expensive, right? Not at all! As we mentioned earlier, HostArmada’s mission is to give the web hosting consumer everything he needs at an affordable rate. Their shared hosting packages start at a whopping price of $2.69, one of the lowest on the market.

Let’s go over their plans bellow:

Shared Hosting Servers

Start Dock

This plan is ideal for start-ups or website enthusiasts who are getting into web development. It has 15GB of Cloud SSD storage, 2GB of RAM, and 2 CPU cores for the same purposes. Offering a free domain name from the get-go, you can start building your project immediately. Suitable for a single website and features Nginx as a reverse proxy to the Apache service, caching your site’s static content files, making it faster in the process!

Our recommendation is to choose this plan if you are a beginner or have a small website with little traffic(Suitable for ~10.000 unique monthly visitors). The package starts at $2.69 per month!

Web Warp

This plan is great when you decide to expand your website arsenal, as it allows an unlimited number of websites hosted as opposed to the previous hosting package(Start Dock). It has 30G of Cloud SSD Storage, 4GB of RAM, and 4 CPU Cores and includes a free domain registration/transfer upon sign-up. Offers Nginx as a reverse proxy to the Apache service, caching your site’s static content files making it faster in the process!

Our recommendation regarding this plan is to choose if you have more than one site or have a single website with a moderate amount of traffic(Suitable for ~60.000 unique monthly visitors). The package starts at $4.49 per month!

Speed Reaper

This plan is the Premium hosting plan that features LiteSpeed as a web server and the LiteCache plugin, available for most of the Open-Source application. Armed with 40GB Cloud SSD Storage, 6GB of RAM, and 6 CPU Cores, it has the firepower to host unlimited sites with moderate to high traffic. The free domain registration/transfer option is part of the package as standard.

It is our top choice, and we believe that everyone looking to get the ultimate hosting experience should consider it. The LiteSpeed web server is a huge deal, and both the performance and security features it offers are impeccable. This plan is also suitable to support up to ~120.000 unique monthly visitors and starts at the crazy low price of $5.69 per month!

VPS Cloud Servers

People should consider the HostArmada Cloud SSD VPS plans if they own a moderate to large business and are looking for a stable, dedicated, and isolated environment. These plans offer dedicated resources based on your necessity and feature Nginx as a reverse proxy to the apache web server for great static content caching. These plans start at a rate of $30.22 per month, which is one of the lowest prices for Fully-Managed VPS SSD Cloud solutions in the industry.

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