Hold my beer!! Imma give you some Wifi signal strength

Beer can to boost you wifi signal!!

At the first glance, it seems like one of those college student ideas pulled straight outta their asses. But who knew an ass pull creativity will turn into a valuable life hack. Ideas out of the box are mostly always under scrutiny but this might the best one of all. Well, THIS beer for wifi signal strength boost and that using hoodie to double as a popcorn packet.

But boosting your wifi with your addiction holder, that’s right on the money. In the age where you need more performance and more performance costs more money and more money requires a better economy, that we don’t have as of right now. We all need to do fun stuff online and for that we need more wifi signal strength .Beer cans or ANY soft drink can for that matter is a very feasible option and appealing too.

Here is how!

  1. First you cut the beer can as shown . For that you will need a) A pair of scissors b) An empty can of beer. First cut the oppsite end of the can. After the removal start cutting the can vertically until the end is reached .Then ALMOST do the same thing to the other end.Emphasize on ALMOST.  Below is the result.
  2. Shove the antenna through the can opening and use any good adhesive too keep it that way. OOOh KAYY!!… too sexual here.. sorry! It will something like a think man holding a shield to stop the attacks.

The science behind this

Now, one thing we can all agree on that a can in this state is acting as an omnidirectional reflector. Giving the reflected waves a coherent direction. As the waves are clubbed together and not too much spread out, we get a strong boost out of this innovation. Giving it the titular Wifi signal strength.

This guy can be an innovator too

Creativity takes you really far…farther then beer can take you

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