Hoax bomb Threat causes German behörde to seize Encrypted Email Servers

german raid

A hoax bomb threat gave the school kids in Los Angeles a free holiday and across the pond, German authorities have now snatched an encrypted email server.

How are the 2 related? Well, the server of the anonymous email provider service Cock.li was the one thought to have sent the hoax email regarding the bomb threat to the United States that called for all the school closing shenanigans.

The video statement posted on Monday states Cock.li saying that the German Authorities have seized the hard drive from its service that was used in hosting the service in a Bavarian Data Center.

Now after the New York City Department deduced the hoax, German behörde still bombed(figuratively) and snatched the hard drive away. What’s more is that the drive that they grabbed contains all of the company data.

Vicent Canfield, the service administrator says, “SSL keys, private keys and full mail content of all 64,500 of my users and hashed passwords, registration time, and the last seven days of logs were all impounded and now are in the hands of German authorities.”

The ESP Cock.li is functional, but with all of the data in the hands of the big man

Raid 1  configuration(or the mirror drive configuration) has made sure that the Email service provider is still operational, but the sensitive user data is still in the hands of the German behörde. Data that includes:-


  • SSL and Private keys
  • All user full mail content
  • Hashed passwords
  • Registration time
  • The last seven days of logs

To fight this privacy threat after the confiscation of the hard drive after the hoax bomb threat, Vicent has retained attorney Jesselyn Radack or as we in the ethical hacking community call her the saviour of Snowden. 





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