From Data to Defense: Understanding Firewalls in Network Security

MODULE 12:- Network Security

  1. Honeypot
  2. Firewall: A Network Security Tool


 What is Firewall?

Well, it’s not as pretty as you see above. To a layman, in computer techniques, a firewall is a software that protects your PC from the poisons of the internet.

I thought so too, but the more I thought about it the more randomly precise the meaning became. The previous statement is as contradictory as it can be.

SO WHAT IS FIREWALL?? A firewall is a software or hardware used for the network security that watches over the incoming and outgoing network traffic in accordance with a certain set of rules.

It basically establishes a barrier between the LAN (a secure internal network) and the WAN(THE INTERNET).

Many operating systems have a self-contained firewall program that protects the system from the threats coming from public networks.

Who? and What? and well…I do not need to answer WHY.. Do I?

Who designs the rules by which the firewall abide buy?

The system administrator sets the rule by which the firewall stands beside and monitors the traffic coming from the outside world.

What are the types of firewalls?

There are all in all 4 types of firewalls.

  1. Network Firewall: Let’s start with a basic type of firewall. A network firewall protects a system from unauthorized access from the outside threats. They may be hardware or software depending on your needs. A prefer software in my tiny ass house.
  2. Circuit Level Gateway: This firewall watches over the handshake between the systems and check if the session is legitimate. If not, it ain’t gonna allow it and all the useless , unauthorized sessions are flushed….down the toilet….metaphorical of course!
  3. Application Firewall: It oversees the input/output and access to/from any application or service. It blocks the input/output or system service calls that doesn’t fit the firewall policy that was set by the administrator. Its also known as proxy or reverse proxy firewall.
  4. Stateful Firewall: This firewall mind you is the combination of all of the firewalls. Its a multi-layer jack of all trades bad-ass. It keeps check on the state of the connections across it.

So voila, now you know the basics of the firewall…AWESOME ain’t it.

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