Firefox Launches VPN for Windows, Android and iOS available in Six Countries

Mozilla Firefox’s VPN for Windows, Android and iOS

Finally, the browsing company Mozilla is launching its own VPN services for three different operating system that is, Windows, Android and iOS to be available in six countries that is UK, Canada, US, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.

It will be made available for users of other countries in near future, probably very soon. Linux and Mac version of the application is also under testing and that will be released very soon.

Due to present day of COVID-19 pandemic scenario, online work from home is in demand. For this, a number of companies and agencies are using their websites from different place of the world. Accessing data or site of company in the open internet cloud is risky in terms of safety of data.

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Highlights of Launching VPN for Windows and all

  • Being a browsing company, Mozilla Firefox’s VPN service will be highly reliable.
  • One tap privacy.
  • Fast Network Speed
  • Your privacy comes first.
  • Subscription amount is $4.99 per month.

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