How to extend logical volume in Linux [Video Tutorial]

17 Extend existing logical volumes


Extend logical volume, It is unencrypted:

Hello friends, It is the best feature in Linux ‘Reduce and extend logical volume to maximum size‘. When a system administrator creates a logical volume (Partition) with fix size. Later, you want to store data more than its size, it is the main problem. But in this tutorial, you will learn ‘How to extend a logical volume in Linux‘.

I will cover the following topics in this video:

  • Extend and Reduce existing unencrypted logical volume with ext4 filesystem
  • Extend and Reduce existing unencrypted logical volume with xfs filesystem

Linux tutorial for Beginners – Create and configure file systems

  1. Create, mount, unmount, and use vfat, ext4 and xfs file systems
  2. Extend existing unencrypted logical volumes
  3. Create and configure set-GID directories for collaboration
  4. Create and manage Access Control Lists (ACLs)

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