Does VPN Make You Anonymous? You Should Know Facts

Does VPN Make You Anonymous? Facts You Should Know:Does VPN Make You Anonymous?

The answer of this question is no VPN does not make you anonymous. No doubt VPN provider Protect your privacy from ISP, government and hackers but still they know who you are, and can see what are you doing on the internet. Why so most of VPN services claim they are providing privacy not anonymity.

Empty Promises:

empty promises

The first notable things is many VPS providers promise to protect privacy of users, but this promise is not worth because the digital ink are printed on the logs if they keep it. and they provide the Logs to the government, whenever they asked. No single staff of VPN providers will go to the jail or ruin their business For protecting privacy of their customers. If the data exist then it is accessible for VPN provider’s staff, They can handover two other person several times.

So if you think the promise made by VPN providers are not fulfill their if statement if they are storing the log. so keep in mind before using the VPN Service.


broken trust

If you want to use VPN Service for protecting privacy then prefer “no logs” provider, and they will do that. But if the provider claims to keep no logs, how can we trust on him? We just have to take his words nothing else. why so the Edward Snowden refer to use TOR.

When the matter of choosing a VPN provider for the trust then how do you know a provider can be trusted? Well many privacy oriented VPN providers have built their business over the promising privacy, and they never want to lose their customers.

Real Time Tracking:

real time tracking

That’s good and exciting news, if you found VPN Service Provider with “no logs”, And it should be understood that service provider protect your privacy if he doesn’t keep logs. But how my question is this “ don’t you have doubt on protecting privacy?”

I have, let me explain.

There is no doubt if the VPN providers does not keep logs your privacy is protected, but what about real time tracking?

Yes, the VPN provider can monitor users internet activity in real time, because all of your data is routed through VPN server. This is happened because it is essential for troubleshooting.

Still many VPN providers have promised neither monitor users activity in real-time nor keep logs unless necessary for troubleshooting. That is good and pleasurable. What are the Government of most countries can legally demand that a service provider must keep user logs, and provide gov. whenever they asked.

Shared IPs:

share IPs

The another interesting thing about keeping no logs, any VPN provider that care about protecting users privacy but use shared IPs. If the VPN service provider use shared IPs, He will have to keep the detail about assigned IP addresses. Because assigning Same IP address for multiple users will raise the problem on the internet. and it is difficult to manage these things without keeping logs. Even if a provider sold wish to do so.

What does “no logs” mean? Uses logs vs. connection logs:

When the many VPN providers claim to keep no logs, actually they mean is that they keep no “uses logs”. Still there keep connection logs.

  • Usage Logs: Uses long is a details about what are you doing on the internet, such as what website are requesting etc.
  • Connection Logs: Many “no logs” VPN providers keep data about user’s connection but not “usage logs”. “Connection logs” are vary and different from usage logs it includes the things like when you are connected, how long for, and how often etc. keeping connection logs are necessary for dealing with technical issues. These logs could be used for identifying with known internet behavior by an end to end timing attack.

However, as discussed above, one picture is clear, if the VPN provider claims not to keep logs at all we have to trust its ability of running VPN service.

Mandatory Data Retention:

Keep in mind before choosing a privacy-friendly, what location it based on. I mean what is location of VPN provider?. Because it is operated by countries government’s law. Many countries including European countries require communication companies to keep logs for a certain period of time. This law is also implemented for VPN providers. Some European country including Netherlands, Luxembourg, Romania, and Sweden are popular for VPN services because VPN providers are not required to keep logs in these countries.

If a VPN service provider is based on country which requires it to keep logs then it will have to do so, no matter what he promise.”

Paying for VPN Anonymously:

anonymous payment method

Oh My God!!, How can I forget about making payment to VPN service provider? If you make payment to VPN for its service by know methods like Credit cards, debit cards, then how possible your privacy is protected.

Extra privacy-protected VPN service providers allow users to pay for their services anonymously. The most famous and common method is using Bitcoins (some safety tips are required). But some companies use extra security for privacy by accepting anonymous payment for example Private Internet Access will accept anonymously purchased store cards, and Mullvad will accept payment by post.

Anonymous payment is added extra layer of privacy, the VPN company does not know your real name, address, email address, or other banking details.

WOW, our privacy is protected.

If you think this you are wrong, because VPN provider still know your real IP address.

We will discuss more about it in next fact. In addition, If companies allow users for using anonymous payment method, then he is taking privacy seriously. But this is hardly a guarantee, but not accepting anonymous payment is definitely poor in privacy protection.

Know About Exception About Anonymity Rule:

I had told you sometime before that service provider know your real IP address, And your privacy is not protected anymore. or we can say we are not anonymous on the Internet after using VPN Service. but there is a one exception exist.

if you will access the VPN Service through the TOR, then you are completely anonymous, because in this case the VPN Service Provider will get the IP address of Tor network not yours real IP address.

“If you sign up on VPN by using tor and use a anonymous payment method then you may achieve a very high level of true anonymity with the setup” but this setup will make your internet speed slow because of two networks TOR and VPN

As I know Only AirVPN and BolehVPN support VPN through TOR.

So, Are you “safe” If you use VPN?

You will get the high level of privacy after using good ‘no logs’ VPN. You will be protected from government surveillance, prevent your internet activity from your ISP, prevent from being tracked by copyright owners at the time of pirating stuff, little bit protection from low level criminal activity.

You are not protected from police, government or NSA, if they are investigating your internet activity. If they have eye on you, they can investigate and catch you. Take care..

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