How to use Linux Debian package manager “dpkg”

Linux Debian Package Manager “dpkg”

Debian package manager is used to install, remove and upgrade packages (Software) in Debian-based Operating systems such as Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, etc. apt-get package handling utility is best for managing packages for new users. but in Kali Linux, only those Software Packages can be installed by APT utility, which is available on the repository for free. If you are wishing to install another package in Kali Linux not exist on the repository, dpkg command will be helpful for you. Linux Debian system use deb installation files with the “.deb” extension.

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Install “.deb” files with dpkg

After downloading .deb package, dpkg command will need to be install the package. Most .deb packages are contain all of the required dependencies for the application to function properly. Syntax:

#dpkg –I {package_name.deb} /{target_directory}

If you are wishing to install packages in a particular directory, you can mention it /{target_directory}. but this is not mandatory.

Remove installed package with dpkg

(-r) switch is used with dpkg to remove the packages and (-p) for purging a package. Both switches are little bit different. The following syntax is used:

#dpkg –r {package_name.deb}

#dpkg -p {package_name.deb}

Checking for Installed Package

To look the status of installed or removed application, use the following syntax:

#dpkg –l {package_name}

#dpkg –p {package_name}

debian Package Manager_image02

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