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ddos attack protection bootcamp

Is your organization under DDoS Attack?
75% orgamization suffered from DDoS attack and facing big loss. (Report)

Hi This is Vijay Kumar and today I am going to refer a course on DDoS Attack protection Bootcamp. It’s 100% free training course for DDoS attack protection.

DDoS (Distributed denial of service) is a biggest problem for a small to big organization, and IT professional / Network professional can fight with this problem. If you are student or professional without DDoS Protection skills you should join Free DDoS boot-camp Now!

ddos attack protection bootcamp

What is DDoS Attack?

A distributed DoS attack aims to exhaust the resources of a network, application or service so that genuine users cannot gain access and the DDoS is the one when an attacker uses multiple network resource to attack the specific target.

What is the DDoS Attack Protection Bootcamp?

You will get in-depth technical knowledge on DDoS Protection in the DDoS Protection BootCamp. It is based on challenging quizzes, available for basic and advanced levels. you will have high-level understanding about ddos attack.

So don’t forget to join this bootcamp. You can join the final exam to test your skills.

Topics covered at DDoS Attack Protection Bootcamp

Following topics will be covered:

  • Introduction to DDoS
  • Volumetric Attacks
  • Protocol Attacks
  • Application Level (Layer 7) Attacks
  • Reflection Attacks
  • Understanding Risks
  • Mitigation Techniques

This comprehensive training will cover both level basic and advanced at this training course. you can choose as per your requirement.

There are eight topics in this training and each training followed by quiz at last take final exam which cover all eight topics.

Cost of DDoS Attack!

Sometime we think DDoS attack can’t lead big damage for my website, because Our organization is not big it is small. So how ddos attack can affect. But Keep in mind this is not true.

Check here for your Company’s DDoS Attack Downtime cost by using Down Time Cost Calculator.

If you are an organization without IT Professional and have fear of DDoS attack on Website or other online services. Take Help from Experienced Network Professionals form Imperva Inapsula.

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