Create database user and WordPress Database for New Website

Create database user and Wordpress Database

WordPress database management System

As I told you we are going to create a wordpress website for earn money. WordPress is a CMS (content Management System), Means you will post anything will be managed by wordpress database. So you should know how to create database for your site, it will be required at the installation time.

Create database by using bigrock control panel

I am using bigrock for a long time so I will cover every step by bigrock.

Step 1: Go on website and login with your username and password.

Step 2: You will get the page of your orders. Click on Linux hosting link with your purchased name. In mine case I purchased multi website Linux hosting with name of

Step 3: When you will click on it new window will be popup. Click on Manage web hosting.

Step 5: You will get new popup, and it is Control panel, When you will scroll down, databases column will be found. Click on Mysql database wizard to create wordpress database .

Step 6: Wizard will on progress and Enter database suffix name because you can’t change prefix name by this wizard and move on next step.

Step 7: Next step Create database user, provide any username and Strong password twice and click on Create user.

Step 8: Add a user to database In last steps you have created wordpress database and user, Check all privileges and Move forward for next step

Step 9: You have completed all task, now click on return home.

Note: Don’t forget to save create database and user name





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