A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Kali Linux IP Address GUI

6 steps to change Kali Linux IP address (Easy)

Easy Steps to change Kali Linux IP address

When it comes to windows everything just comes too easy. I mean you gotta work for that too but the sense of accomplishment just ain’t there. When it comes to Linux, everything feels like an accomplishment. So now today folks I am gonna teach you how to change Kali Linux IP address in Kali Linux using Graphical Interface. 

Who knows when it is useful? I don’t even touch it much, coz I am lazy like that so here is how to change the IP configuration.

Step 1: Boot your Linux system, login by giving username and password. Once you get the desktop, You will see a network icon on right side in Top Bar.

One you see don’t wait anymore move to the next step and right-click on the network icon.

You will see multiple options for choosen, as you can see in the following image.

Then click on edit connections

Step 2: You will see this Dialogue box. Here you find all the available/connected network adapter.

I have only one, so select it and click on Setting icon exist in the left bottom in dialogue box.

Step 3: The following dialogue box will appear that has already specified the connection name. Or you can rename it anything you like, name it Soul-Sucking Pony if you like.

Step 4: Click on IPv4 Settings Tab, Because Ipv6 is not used in common practice.

Step 5: Select the method as manual, because we hardworking, not lazy at all folks are making manual changes. So click on Add button.

The new entry section will be appear inside “Addition Static addresses” box.

Step 6: Put the IP address, Netmask, and Gateway. Even you can define DNS servers as manual.

Once everything done click on Save button exist in lower bottom side of dialogue box.

A new Ip configuration will be formed.
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6 thoughts on “A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Kali Linux IP Address GUI

    1. You need to restart the interface for the new config to take effect in ‘ifconfig’ or ‘ip address’

      – Click the network icon in the task bar then select ‘Disconnect’.
      – Repeat, but click the network connection instead. Should come right up.

  1. My Kali-Linux oil address is starting with and I changed from the on start with 10.80x…. but it’s not changing to 192…. up address. I set it from network options changing NAT to Bridged Adapter. Help me to make 192…

    1. Hi Sabelo,
      When you change setting NAT to Bridged Adapter, IP is given by the Local DHCP server (Wif Modem, mobile Hotspot), and it is not necessary to start with 192…. etc. So check the settings of the local DHCP server.
      The following command may help you
      ifconfig eth0 down
      ifconfig eth0 up

      Where eth0 is netwrok adapter name, It may change in your system, check it

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