Celebrities Email accounts get hacked, exposing scripts and sex tapes


After the event that shake and moved all…The fappening. It seems the celebs haven’t learnt their lesson yet to keep their personal stuff safe. Over 130 celebrities have got their E-mails hacked exposing their scripts and sex tapes. 

The thief

The culprits name is Alonzo Knowles. A (now arrested) Bahamian hacker who, after stealing the Scripts and Other stuff (wink-wink) had the audacity to try to sell the documents to a famous radio host. The don’t-wanna-be-named famous host informed the homeland security regarding this who further used their own pawn as an interested buyer to lure the hacker in its claws(wait…pawns do have claws right?).

The stolen

The digitized items that were stolen by Alonzo were:

  • Three scripts of comedy films (Should’ve downloaded the script and deleted the email)
  • A biopic regarding hip-hop
  • A television show
  • 130  social security numbers
  • 130 email and phone numbers

Alonzo arrived from the Bahamas to Manhattan on Monday. His motive was to sell the agent 15 movies and TV show scripts and SSN of actresses and 2 athletes for $80,000. He told the agent that all of the showing stuff were just the sample, and would be willing to sell more if the (pretend)buyer was interested.

The modus-operandi

Although unrelated to the Fappening, the modus operandi of the hacker was to send a virus to the emails and steal the sensitive stuff.

Apart from the virus, Knowles sent a fake text to the account holders to ask for their passwords to make the Mail-Id secure. The gullibility and desperation-to-save-the=sex-tape drove celebrities to get their account hacked.

Knowles was held without bail on Tuesday with copyright infringement and identity theft charges. Both of which have up to 5 years of being someones’ prison bitch.




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