The Best Web Hosting For Small Business, You should know pros and cons.


Today’s biggest challenge make the presence of the small business online in low budget.

Is it?
If yes, then you are the right place today I am going to you tell you how can you get a Website running online in low budget.

You need three things for your online business:

Domain Name:

A domain name is the name of your business for online visibility.

For the example, is the domain name of Google company, There are lots of the domain names which represents a business online including and more.

You will have to find a suitable domain name your business, It may be,, and more.

Doman name depends on the availability.

You can buy a domain name for 1,2,3 and more years. You can’t pay one time for the domain name. you will have to pay every year to make domain name live.

You will have to renew the domain name every year. I suggest you, If you have a low budget, then buy a domain name for one year first then renew every year.

You can buy a domain name by hosting providers including Godaddy bigrock chemicloud, fastcomet and more.

you can buy the domain name along with hosting.

Web Hosting

As you know the website is a collection of the multiple pages. when you visit the website you will see there is some menu available, each and every menu is connected with the web pages.

When you click on menu the next page will be delivered for you. Did you think ever “From where these pages are delivered?”

When you access the website it will be delivered to your web browser by the webserver. mean these have been hosted the somewhere in the world.

The places where the website has been hosted called web hosting.

You cannot host your website on your local computer, because it will not be accessible worldwide.

In such condition, you need to buy some space for hosting a website on the webserver. You can buy it from the hosting providers.

The Best Web Hosting For Small Business in 2019

There are lots of hosting providers worldwide have different prices, features, and offers. you can choose as per your budget.

Hosting ProviderRatingPricing

#1 Chemicloud (Editor’s Choice), Rating 9.9/10

When I was searching for the best web hosting for my WordPress blog, I found chemicloud has 9.9/10 rating.

Customer score for ChemiCloud on hostadvice

Reliability Rating 10 / 10
Pricing Rating 9.9 / 10
User Friendly Rating 9.9 / 10
Support Rating 10 / 10
Features Rating 9.9 / 10

I am simply loving my hosting experience on ChemiCloud! The servers are lightning fast, cPanel is amazing (I have worked with other companies that put some serious limits to it), and their support is wonderful. I had to hook up redirect domain to a section of my site and the support agent I talked with handled everything to perfection, as it turned out it wasn’t a particularly easy task.

When I moved my WordPress website to chemicloud (They are providing free website migration service if you have hosted your website somewhere else). I have never seen this speed before. You can see in the following the image.

I found the following comment which told me don’t go with siteground for hosting

Then I decided to buy hosting on chemicloud, But still, I was not satisfied enough then I search online hosting advisors. I told them I have two websites one for small business and another a blog. My expected visitors are 1 M/month. Then they suggest I go with chemicloud . See in the picture

Pros and Cons


  • 24/7 Customer Support for All Users
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free Domain Name Included for As Long as You Are a Customer
  • 45-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Solid-State Drives on All Hosting Packages


  • They Do Not Accept Any Cryptocurrency for Payment
  • No Dedicated Servers Available
  • No Knowledgebase or FAQ for Self-Help

#2 FastComet (Rating 9.7/10)

This is another best choice for you if you don’t want to host your website on chemicloud by any reason.

I had been using fastcomet for 2 years, before switching to chemicloud. I switched from fastcomet to chemicloud because they don’t have a dedicated and optimized server for WordPress websites.

They also have good rating 9.7/10. It is the best in the industry. It has a lower rating than chemicloud.

Reliability Rating 9.7 / 10
Pricing Rating 9.6 / 10
User Friendly Rating 9.7 / 10
Support Rating 9.7 / 10
Features Rating 9.6 / 10

Pros and Cons


  • Renew your plans at the exact same price you purchased them.
  • Keep your website safe with FastComet’s potent security suite.
  • Get help from experts via phone, live chat, or ticketing, 24/7/365.
  • Choose from multiple data centers to keep your server local and speed up load times.
  • Empower employees to connect with customers thanks to unlimited email accounts, email calendar, and generous email quotas.
  • Run your website from your phone thanks to FastComet’s mobile-friendly cPanel.
  • Fully customize your backend with FastComet’s vast catalog of developer tools.
  • Boost customer satisfaction and engagement with industry-leading load times.


  • Basic plans come with limited SSD storage space.
  • Although the live chat response time is prompt, resolution times can be lengthy.

#3 SiteGround (Rating 9.7/10)

SiteGround is a well-known web hosting service provider worldwide. It is known for its customer support. I didn’t use site ground hosting. but one of my friends suggested me to buy hosting from site ground before 2 years. That time I bought from fastcomet.

He has been running the most known cybersecurity news blog. His blog has more than 1M views per month. He had not a single issue this hosting.

You can see siteground has rating 9.7/10. it is not less than fastcomet.

Reliability Rating 9.8 / 10
Pricing Rating 9.4 / 10
User Friendly Rating 9.7 / 10
Support Rating 9.9 / 10
Features Rating 9.8 / 10

Pros and Cons of SiteGround Hosting


  • Getting started with a new hosting instance is easy thanks to SiteGround’s quick and intuitive setup, letting you build your website faster.
  • Take charge of your WordPress website management with a variety of useful tools for integrating and administering your site.
  • Get the answers and help you need with 24/7 support via chat, phone, or email
  • SiteGround keeps your website consistently online with above-average uptimes and reliable performance.
  • Make sure you have what you need with SiteGround’s generous usage limits and unmetered data transfers for all plans.
  • Fast load times mean your website is on users’ screens quicker and ranking higher on search engines.
  • Give users confidence in your websites with free included SSL certificates with any plan you choose


  • Once you’ve set up, it can be a little intimidating to explore all the features SiteGround has to offer.
  • The company’s pricing models are on the higher end of the industry’s average.
  • Storage space can become somewhat limited on the smaller plan, and requires an upgrade when your website needs to scale
  • Signing up is a great deal at a low price, but renewals can become costlier after the initial subscription expires.

Website designing and development

By now you have a domain name and hosting server, you will have need of designing and development of the website. if you are not a developer then this is a little bit hard work for you.

If you don’t have knowledge of writing code for developing website Still you can create a website with help site builder. It is enough easy. It is a drag and drops site builder.

Now the technology is developed much enough, you can design and develop a website without having coding knowledge. there is a lot of the website builder available in the market.

Many hosting providers are giving page builder free of cost. you can create a professional look website with the help of this page builder.

Some hosting companies provide free site builder:

FastCometSiteBulder FreeBuy Hosting with Page Builder
SiteGroundSiteBuilder FreeBuy Hosting with Page Builder
ChemiCloudSiteBuilder (Paid)See Plan and Pricing of SiteBuilder

You will have to do some research and development to build a website and write content and creating images. if you don’t have enough time then you can hire a developer for completing this task.

Pay Only $50 for Developing a Website


I have shared everything which required for making the presence of your business online. You can create a blog website, news website, even an eCommerce website.

Create a website and grow your business faster and faster day by day.

If you have any question you can ask me in the comment box or write to me at

Thanks for Reading

My WordPress Website Got Hacked – A Case Study

my wordpress website got hacked

Hello friends,
Yes, you heard right “my WordPress website got hacked”, may be possible this is a shocking news for you, but true. And if you think that I am a security expert and how is it possible for getting hacked?. So Let me introduce with a true fact “nobody is 100% safe and secure in this Cyber World”.

Everyone is vulnerable, and can be hacked.

So in this article I am going to share a case study of how a wordPress site got hacked and how did I find reality about this.? I will share each and everything what was happened with me.

my wordpress website got hacked

So Keep reading …

What was issue with my website?

Writing articles is my hobby, so in the early morning as usual I opened my website to write something. I accessed my login screen and entered the username and password, I got a message incorrect captcha. I was using Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft. Why am I using this plugin, share with you later in this post.
I tried to login multiple times but I got the same message again and again

“Error: You have entered an incorrect reCAPTCHA value”


I was totally confused how is it possible? because this is a Google recaptcha and user should prove he is not a robot by just click on its checkbox. I tried multiple time but no success. And Entering the correct combination of  username + password and as well as filling write captcha will give you the access of the WordPress website’s dashboard.

First Biggest problem for me

Without accessing dashboard, I cannot do anything with my website. Even I cannot modify content cannot Write new posts, cannot edit my post, Can’t add or remove plugin etc. but after a little struggle, I found my way.

Solution to first problem: 

There is only single way to disable plugin without accessing website’s dashboard is rename plugin directory by accessing website’s directory. you can do that with help of ftp client application filezilla or accessing file manager by hosting’s CPannel.
Rename google captcha folder: first I access the file manager help of Cpanel provided by the hosting services. Then I accessed plugin folder location was home/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ and I renamed “google captcha” into google “captcha_old”
Google captcha has been disabled by using this method now I have entered the correct combination of username and password and got access of my website’s dashboard.

Thank god, I move one step forward 
Again I rename Google captcha folder in its original name. And I have activated the plugin from my website’s dashboard. And after sometime I have deactivated Google captcha and delete it from my website.

How did I know My WordPress site got hacked?

Second Biggest issue I faced:

Another a big issue was waiting for me. I was completely unknown from this problem. What was the problem, I am going to share with you. I tried to install another plugin, because captcha is playing an important role to protect your site. I will discuss about this later in this article, what happened next:

When I click on add new plugin button, I got a message ERROR “An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with or this server’s configuration.”
I realised something went wrong with my website and website have lost connection with WordPress server. Why so I am not able to access WordPress services like plugin and themes. And I decided Lets check the health of my website.

second biggest error

How did I checked health of my website?

There is an option inside web hosting Cpanel called health check and monitoring.

health check and monitoring
Click on port 80 icon and if you got outbound port are open. It means the connection between your site and WordPress server is great, and you are lucky enough. there is not any issue found by wordpress virus/malware scanner. but I was not luck enough and,
I got following blocked ports:

blocked port by wordpress server

Why did wordpress server blocked my connection?

To understand about the blocking of the ports for my account is quite easy. WordPress has a Malware scanner and scan your website regular basis, if it found any type of the malicious files within your account, it will block the connection.
In the above picture you can see there was a lots of the infected files on my website.
I checked each location and files what have I found I want to share with you this was amazing for me because each file has nothing inside it. And these files have permission 0000 . If you are expert and want to say anything about the permission 0000 then please write comment below in comment box.

Alternate method I used to check my website for malware infection:

We cannot trust on single method for checking security, and I didn’t. finally I used the alternative method to check my website for Malware and Viruses. I used a good wordpress plugin used for checking security of your website. It is wordfence security. Yes I have installed a premium version of this plugin already. Scanned website and found 4 files are infected, which were listed already by WordPress .
Wordfence was showing critical infection within these files. I tried to find out how were these file infected. Finally I found the route of this problem and I removed that is correct.

My website is now malware free:

I downloaded all files and then I remove those files from the server with the help of file manager. And then I again check the health on port number 80 after 8 hours and I got open port for my website.

fixed problem

I also checked my website with following online scanners:

  1. Free Website Malware and Security Scanner Sucuri
  2. Virus Total 
  3. Safe browsing status by Google
  4. Quttera 

Best Practices for Hardening WordPress Website


Vulnerabilities inside plugins and themes are best place for hacker to inject malicious code, because WordPress core files are easy to penetrate. if you want to minimize the risk of attacker, read following tips for securing your WordPress site:

  •  Regular Backup: 

    Regular backup always helpful when you website is destroyed  by hacker. you instantly restore your website in case of hacking. So don’t forget to backup your site regular basis.

  • Update website:

    New release has bug fixe, hackers are looking for known loopholes exist in older version of WordPress so update when new release are available

  • Change wordpress database fixes:

    It is very important to change database prefixes, As you know WordPress installation script is automated and created same tables for each and every websites. You can protect yourself by changing prefix table from wp_ to something else.

  • Change username:

    Dont put common username like Admin or administrator

  • Strong password:

    Use strong password with minimum 12 characters must include Capital letters, lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Your password should not be in dictionary.

  • Use only well know plugin and themes.

    Don’t use nulled plugins or themes,  because most of the times they are the criminals. the theme or plugin has been nulled by coder and they have capability to inject malicious code. How can you trust them? 

  • Use Web Malware scanner plugin for your wordpress

If you have any question write in comment box



5 Inexpensive & Reliable WordPress Hosting Services For Your Blog


Do you know “What is biggest mistake done by New WordPress users?”, You don’t know!

OK No problem at all, I am going to introduce with that mistake is paying lots of money for web hosting plans which new users don’t even need. If you are going to create a WordPress blog then don’t invest lots of money on hosting service as per my suggestion.
There are some plans at least 50% less expensive than others WordPress hosting or VPS hosting.



So I will talk about less expensive and reliable WordPress hosting plan here. I will help you to find a good hosting service, and all your confusion will be resloved.
Here at cyberpratibha blog, I continue share tips regarding WordPress blogging, which helps users a lot. if you have any question related this post ask me in comment blogs.

If you are new to setup wordpress blog I recommend by shared hosting but there is no problem if you buy wordpress hosting on cloud. Its fast than share hosting. in other hand shared hosting cheap.  Here are some best seller of hosting with best costumer support:


Bluehost is most used hosting service all over world. top sites are suggesting to buy hosting plan from bluehost. Its simple reason good service and support.

When building a website, start here. Our shared service delivers a powerful, proven platform that’s perfect for hosting your websites.

BigRock – Solid wordpress Hosting

Bigrock is providing cheapest wordpress hosting, you can install using it service 1 click wordpress installation for demo go on following link and click on demo

Bigrock WordPress Hosting

So You will have experience before go through this hosting and c-pannel. If you will this hosting costly then I suggest you go through Shared hosting.



Best SEO plugins for wordpress website to grow your business

SEO plugins for wordpress website

Why use SEO plugins for wordpress website?

After creating the website, and writing some articles, user want to see their website in google search. but this is not really easy. because you have lots of competitors in the market. If you start a writing posts and forget about “how to rank your site in google search?”. Writing 100s or 1000s post are useless for your blog of business until they will not rank in google.

[bctt tweet=”Most Organic traffic are coming  from Google ” username=”@cyberpratibha”]

[bctt tweet=”Do a good job better than do a long job” username=”@cyberpratibha”]

For a doing good job and writing good articles and optimized those for SEO is a single way to grow your blog or business. So I will describe about 5 best SEO plugin for wordpress website grow your business

Squirrly SEO – Increase traffic by 285% 

Squirrly SEO claimed to increase your search traffic by 285%. and I am using this plugin personally and find useful. this plugin help you to optimize your content for human friendly as well as google crawler friendly.

Yes It is.

When you plan to write a article you waste time for searching keyword etc. but you can search keyword direct from post page. and you will get lots of search suggestion for creating big long tail keyword. So dont miss this feature.

Some time we are using lots of keywords in the post and looks like Spam,  and some we are using less keywords in post. We dont know how much keywords should be used in a post or we are not aware about density of keywords. Squirrly SEO will help you to make a good balance.

If we forget about using images, this plugin remind you.

It will help you to optimize content with bold, headings, keywords in content and more

Read more about Squirrly SEO 

squirrly seo graph

Pingler – Tell search engines about your article

If you think optimizing a website give you first rank in google search you are wrong, No doubt squirrly help you to optimize your content. [bctt tweet=”What will you do after completing your content?” username=”@cyberpratibha”] a big question mark for all bloggers,

Ans: Ping your site with google and other sites.

Pingler will not help you to create backlinks, it will ping your new post with search engines. after using this service your post will be known by search engines they crawl your site fast and index it.

Go here to see more Pingler Website

SEMrush – All in one Marketing toolkit 

You have created an optimized content and ping with google, that’s great News!
What is next =>
You will have to learn about digital marketing strategy, and monitoring about organic traffic and keywords!  Your keywords to rank for, where you are getting back links from, your competitors, strategy used by them and much more.
SEMrush will help you for all these, this is a paid subscription and used by thousands of SEO professionals. they have clients all over the world. It will help you to get enormous wealth of data.


5 Easy steps to Install WordPress Plugins

5 Easy steps to Install WordPress Plugins

Hey, your warm welcome on my blog, you are reading an article related wordpress tutorial. if you want my future updates in your inbox directoly, than dont forget to subscribe me by entring your Email and Name.

What is WordPress Plugin?

WordPress plugin is a piece of coding, which helps to modify your website and give an amazing look. but you need to install first on your site. In this article, you will learn about how to install WordPress plugins on a WordPress website.

How to Install WordPress Plugins by Search

Hey install WordPress plugins by the search is the first method and quite easy. All steps are described.

Step 1: Login WordPress website Dashboard.

Step 2: Go adminstartor > Plugins > Add new

Add new plugins

Step 3: There are search box on top right side corner enter plugin name or any keyword, it will display all related plugins. Select appropriate plugin and click on Install Now search and install new plugin

Step 4: You will see installing plugins process is completed, and you will get a successfully installed the plugin <plugin name> message. Click on Activate Plugin 

activate new plugin

Step 5: Go on setting and change the settings from default.

setting a3 lazy load plugin


9 steps to activate anti spam wordpress plugin – Akismet

10 steps to activate anti spam wordpress plugin - Akismet

9 steps to activate anti spam WordPress plugin – Akismet

Hi, This is vijay kumar, I am happy to see you on my blog cyberpedia. I am security reasercher by profession and blogger by passion.

When you setup your website and install sahifa theme according to shifa documentation, then Next step have a look on wordpress plugin. this article will discover pre-installed WordPress plugin Akismet. you can visit my another article 5 Easy steps to Install WordPress Plugins

Akismet is a Anti-spam wordpress plugin, used to filter spam comments. So this plugin protect your site from spamming comments. But it will not work without activation. So in this article, I am going to describe 9 steps to activate anti spam WordPress plugin – Akismet 

Activate Akismet with API key

Follow the given steps:

Step 1: Go in Dashboard > Plugins > installed Plugins

go in installed plugin

Step 2: Click on Activate hyper link down of Akismet pluging

click on activate akismet

Step 3: New page will open, Here you will get two option Get your API key and another is Manual enter any key. If you are new user the click on Get your API key

akismet enter key

Step 4:  New tab will open with akismet official website, Display message “Say goodbye to comment spam”. Click on


new window will popup

Step 5: Complete the sign up process by entering email, username and password and click on Sign up

signing up for wordpress

Step 6: Chose you subscription type, I didn’t have money so I selected Basic plan and click on GET STARTED

get akismet and choose your plan


Step 7:  Make $0.00/YEAR on right side and enter firstname, Last name on left side. Click on CONTINUE for next process

enter first name and last name

Step 8: You will see generated Akismet API key, Copy and save it in file. and click on AUTOMATICALLY SACE YOUR AKISMET API KEY.

generate key

Step 9: New tab will open and you will find “Akismet is now activated. Happy blogging!” message . And in Settings section you will find API key. click on save changes. 

akismet is now activated

8 steps to install WordPress theme manually

how to install WordPress theme manually

How to install WordPress theme

Hello Friends, Welcome again!

In this article, I will cover 8 steps to install WordPress theme manually. the theme gives a good and unique look of your website. for more detail read Use Sahifa Theme for Blogger to design website The first question arise in mind, how to upload and activate a theme? so you will get the answer continue reading …

How to upload theme without FTP?

I am using bigrock hosting so I will describe all methods on bigrock hosting.

Step 1: Access control pannel and open file manager for more detail read WordPress upload file and extract it

Step 2: Go on public_html/wp-content/themes and click on upload files

go inside theme


Step 3: Next tab will be open Click on chose file, Then choose sahifa zip downloaded some time before, and click on Open

Upload sahifa theme

Step 4: Go again the previous tab of the file manager and refresh the page, and go public_html/wp-content/themes.

Here you will find sahifa zip file write click on it and click on extract

extract sahif zip file

Step 5: Click on Extract file

extract file

Activate & Install WordPress theme manually

In the above step we have discussed uploading WordPress theme on themes folder and now time to install wordpress theme manually, so go throw the following steps,

Step 6: Login to Admin panel of your website my admin panel is

Step 7: Go to Dashboard>Appearance>themes

How to install WordPress theme manually

Step 8: Activate sahifa theme.




Use Sahifa Theme for Blogger to design website

Use Sahifa Theme for Blogger to design website

Sahifa Theme for Blogger – Responsive, news, blog etc:

Sahifa is one of the most used WordPress theme in the world. This is amazing product of themeforest Market offers many incredible features, added to enhance your website. use Sahifa theme for blogger and make your website awesome. It has balance of power and beauty, due to this feature it has high quality browsing experience for all user. Thankfully it solved all issues related with compatibility and resizing. Shaifa theme can work on every Operating system and browser along with phone and tablates.

Why Sahifa Theme?

As you have seen I recommanded  Sahifa theme. because it have following feature to make it awesome. I am using this theme last 2 years and I dont have any issue with this theme

Download Sahifa Theme

sahifa theme for blogger

200 New Features and improvements


sahifa-5-Full responsive

sahifa-5-build your own shop

More Detail : ThemeForest


How to Install WordPress Tutorials for Beginners – 9 steps

Installing Wordpress Tutorials for Beginners

Installing WordPress

Hello friends Welcome back, In this Article I am going to tell you How to install wordpress tutorials for beginners. before start installation you should read Create database user and WordPress Database for New Website and wordpress upload file and extract it . These are previous post for showing prerequisite for installing wordpress.


Installing WordPress tutorials for beginners

Step 1: Open you domain name in browser, in mine case

Step 2: Select Language and Continue.

Install wordpress select language and go

Step 3: New page will be open click on Let’s go

install wordpress step 4 lets go

Step 4: In Next page You will enter Database Name, user name, Password, Database host, Table Prefix. Then click on Submit.

enter you dtabase name

Step 5: Click on Run the install on next page.

run the install

Step 6: On next page you will enter some needed information like Site title, user name, Password, Confirm password if weak password, email address and Click on Install wordpress.

fill the needed information

Step 7: Success! message will apear in few minutes click on login. with your username and password.

login to go on login screen

Step 8: Enter you username you created at the time of installation and enter password. and click on login

wp login

Step 9: This is your Dashboard for work.

wordpress dashboard


4 Steps to DNS nameserver configuration for new website

Configure DNS nameserver

Hey, Welcome again on my blog, this article is the part of wordpress website series. In this article you will learn importance of dns nameserver and configuration.

The importance of DNS nameserver?

Without configuring of DNS nameserver configuration your website will not work. means your site will not we live or your website URL will not be accessed. when you will make this change, your website starts working worldwide. In the last article buy domain and webspace for website how you can buy website name and web space. When you buy hosting service you will get a mail from your hosting provider, with FTP and nameserver detail.

Email regarding name server


How to change DNS nameserver configuration on

As you now I am user of so I have good experience with it, Here I am telling steps to add domain nameserver for newly buy website.

Step1: You will get a mail with dns server like

Name Server 1:
Name Server 2:

Step 2: Go on and login with your credential, After login you will find, list/search order in Manage orders menu. Click on Domain name which do you want to configure.

select domain name

Step 3: After click on website name new window will be come, and you will find name servers hyper-link click on it.

click on name server

Step 4: New window will be popup Enter the dns nameservers detail what you received by mail and click on update name Servers

Update dns nameserver detail