Steve Ballmer says android in windows needed

“We need android in the Windows phone” says Steve Ballmer  Project Astoria, a plan for Microsoft to bring Android to Windows 10 mobile platform, has been put on hold. Meaning it might never see the light of day. Against this decision Steve Ballmer, The ex CEO of Microsoft and its biggest single shareholder had his own … Read more

Top 10 tricks for every window or mac user

Making your life easier on windows/mac with these Top 10 tricks 1. Wanna get back the lost tab–>Press “Control (or command)+shift + T and you got it It will reappear ……like magic  and shit 2. Only need a part of the screenshot of the screen–>For windows its simple….use  snipping tool i.e Start then Snipping tool … Read more

Google Glass to not give up yet and return as a scouter

Google Glass to become a ‘scouter’. After a good first reaction and a not-so-good realization reaction of its new futuristic product. Google has decided to turn its Google Glasses into a scouter. The new patent filled in by the Tech Giant is planning to give us the reason for not to give up on the google glasses that … Read more

Best Paid VPN services forever

cyberghostvpn is one of best paid vpn

1. Best paid vpn Cyberghostvpn cyberghostvpn is one of best paid vpn used online privacy and security. It protects users against hackers.With CyberGhost users become fully protected against hackers, mass surveillance or online behavior tracking. It claims 5.000.000 downloads worldwide and have Military Grade Encryption, Logs free. Features Easy to Use It provides One click solution, … Read more

Wi-Fi Hacking.

wi-fi hacking -All hackers love this. Because it gives happiness and peace, May be sometimes encryption is high. But hackers always passionate to crack the password of wi-fi, Wi-Fi may be the need of everyone. But to crack it is not a fun, If someone have the wi-fi connection. Hackers can steal it without your … Read more


Today topic is footprinting, How its working now we are talking, Network,website,server all these r parts of footprinting, & not 2 forget the information gathering & social engineering, Footprinting is just to trace the victims, & let the target permanently grim, First part of hacking is information gathering, To know the password & username like … Read more