How to Become Hacker, Check you are Eligible or Not

how to become hacker in simple steps

Become hacker is easy and free even you don’t have good knowledge about computer or other technology.

If you are looking for how to become hacker article then you are right place.

I will describe all the methods used by hackers in their journey from Zero to Hero.

Why am I telling you?

I have started to learn hacking before 7 years and faced lots of problems technically and non technically. and I assume you are facing same problem today, So I am writing this article to guide you for starting your career in cyber security industry.

I didn’t have money it was a biggest problem for me.

This is an assumption among the people, without money no one can become hacker. But this is not fact and completely wrong.

You can become hacker without spending a single dollar on learning.

May be you are a guy like me and out of money. May be you don’t have enough money to join popular hacking course like CEH and OSCP.

Rather than you can become hacker without spending single $0 on learning and setting lab at home for practicing new skills.

Before start discussion about to become hacker you need to ask few question from your self. and write down the answers on dairy.

Question #1: Why do you want to learn Hacking?

If you are thinking to hack in to your GFs/BFs social media account like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, and other messenger.

And want to see what is he/she doing in private area, private chats, private messages, private video chat and more.

Then you will never become a professional hacker, and you should quite before you start hacking.

Another words for you if you are one of them thinking like this then you are wrong place, and this post is not about such type of topics.

Social engineering is only method to hack into someone social media account but the success ratio is not 100%

Question #2 What is motive behind learn hacking?

What is your motive behind learn hacking ethical or non-ethical.

Hacking is very dangerous methodology in the world and can be used for legal and illegal purpose.

No doubt, illegal hacking will give you lots of money in short of time. but you will reach in the jail. Before thinking of illegal hacking you must read this.

News: A 20-year-old college student hacked 40 phones and stole $5 million

Hacked 40 phones using same method and get wow money, it is $5 Million. But got arrested, What will be happen next? You can understand.

Top 10 hacker arrested in 2017 Read Here

You should know world’s biggest hacking all time.

If your motive to learn hacking is illegal. Quite Right Now! and don’t read a single word from this article.

There is a lots of opportunity to work as an ethical hacker then why are you going to work illegal.

Ethical hacking jobs on Google trends:

Wold wide google trends on ethical hacking jobs

Ethical hacking jobs are available wold wide with good pay scale. You can get jobs in your country. You can see available jobs in your country on

Ethical hacking Jobs role and salary:

Ethical hacking jobs in USA as per Payscal

You should commitment to yourself work as an ethical hacker. you will not accept any illegal project, No matter how much he is paying.

I rejected many illegal project in my 7+ years career as a hacker

Question #3 What is your technical strengths?

Let me tell you about my technical skills when I started to learn hacking. had following skills:

  • Basics of computer –
  • Good knowledge about Windows Operating System
  • Good Knowledge in Networking – I have completed CCNA certification.
  • Good knowledge in Windows Server – Completed MCSE and MCITP
  • Good command over Linux Operating System – Completed RHCSA
  • Good command over Linux servers – Completed RHCE
  • Website Development – HTML, CSS3, PHP Language.
  • Basic Knowledge in Databases – SQL and MYSQL

After looking on my skills before start hacking, What is your condition? what are you thinking? what is opinion to become hacker? Please tell me in comment box.
I always enjoy to reading new person thought.

What will be your next step, if you don’t have these skills. All skills are not compulsory to become hacker but 100% added advantage to boost your growing speed in cybersecurity Industry.

So my suggestion is that first prepare yourself to become extraordinary hacker.

Even you can learn these skills without spending money, because most of trainings are available online by experts.

Keep in mind certification is not important only skills are important to become a hacker.

Source #1: Learn Networking CCNA Guide

Source #2 Networking Tutorial

Source #3 MCSA Training Free on Cybrary

Source #4: Become Expert in Linux: CertDepot is good website for Linux Tutorial

Source #5 Computernetworking is good for Linux tutorial

Source #6 Website Development and Database on w3school

It will take hardly 3-4 months depend on your eagerness of learning new skills.

Every skill make you fast forward in IT industry so don’t hesitate to learn these skills.

Without learning new thing no one can make you hacker.

Question #4 Are you ready to learn new things life time?

This article for those who want to be hacker, This article is not about how easy to become hacker.

If you are still reading this article means you have eagerness to achieve you goal.

In the last section you have seen no learning = no growing if you don’t have enough eagerness to learn new things. You cant go in next step.

Every day new attacks are discovered world wide, It is compulsory to make yourself up to date to survive in this industry.

Always ready to learn new things life time

Question #5 Are you ready to practice every day again and again same thing?

google image

This quotation is not only applied in kung-fu, it is also applied in IT Industry. So keep in mind practice same thing again and again make you perfect hacker.

Make goal in your life you will not leave a command / skill / tool without making practice over and over again.

Perfect practice make a man perfect.

What is Hacking?

When I heard about hacking then I thought “After completing hacking course, I will be super computer man and get enter into any computer, device, server etc. and get all data from them including username and password, private chats, private videos.”

Later I realize, I was completely wrong.

Hacking is not as easy as we see in movies, this is not one click work, This is not work of running scripts only, This is not only know about Operating Systems like Kali Linux, Parrot OS, Blackarch etc. In the last I will say this is not a particular course syllabus.

Hacking is an art of exploitation, and any art becomes bright day by day when you practice more with full of dedication. It is an along (Life long) journey with computer and its technology.

Definition of hacking in technical term as per technopedia

Hacking generally refers to unauthorized intrusion into a computer or a network. The person engaged in hacking activities is known as a hacker. This hacker may alter system or security features to accomplish a goal that differs from the original purpose of the system.

Hacking can also refer to non-malicious activities, usually involving unusual or improvised alterations to equipment or processes.

What skills are required for hacking?

Hacking is like a tree, bunch of skills with many branches and sub-branches, and leaves. Every branch, sub-branch can be denoted by skills.

You may not be perfect in every skills, but basic knowledge of these skills make open minded hacker.

You can easily understand, how exactly technology works, what process happened when you browse a website or make payment through website. how data travels in the network.

When you know all these process then you can understand how can you exploit these processes. Exploiting process is a hacking.

Main skills you should know to learn hacking, described before, I am repeating again same

  • Good knowledge about Network and protocols.
  • Good knowledge Of Windows OS and Servers.
  • Good knowledge of Linux Operating System and Servers.
  • Programming language make you Profession Hacker – Python, C
  • Web Application Languages.
  • Basic to advance knowledge of Databases.
  • Android OS and applications.
  • Cloud computing and more…………………………………..

No limit to learn skills for hacking, More skills will increase your understanding power.

Focus only on few skills for perfection.

Why people can’t learn hacking?

By profession, I am a trainer. And I love to provide training of RHCSA, RHCE, Ethical Hacking, and Penetration Testing. You can write me at for request training by online live classes as per your budget.

I have seen many people to touch failure line, some to touch success line.

The people who are not get success in life, they make following mistake. If you want to be professional hacker you should not repeat these mistakes.

Mistake No. #1 Lazy to learn new things:-

Learning new things related technology work as fuel in your career growth. Without leaning you can’t move one step ahead.

When you think you have learn every thing by heart, what have been taught in class room. You dont need to learn something else. This is the weakest point in your career and stop your moving steps towards achieving your goal.

You can’t be professional hacker, If you stop learning new things.

Avoid this mistake and move forward.

Mistake No. #2 Going to bore practice same thing.

As I described before in this article, practicing same thing (Commands, attacks, searching vulnerability, exploiting same system) again and again make you perfect hacker.

But it is really very boring, step.

You must make it interesting, it can happen. If you give appraisal your self after completing same task.

Watch some motivation videos, Hacking movies, remind your goal.

Again remember Practice same thing again and again

Mistake No. #3 Losing the patients

In the starting stage, when you start to attack on system it is not compulsory to get success every time. it is happened Due to security patch updation.

You should not lose your patients, and research again and again to find out what mistake you was doing.

Next update your knowledge and try again with full of confidence.

If you want to avoid this mistake, you should perform attacks on vulnerable systems and application in the starting phase.

Mistake No. #4 Loose the focus

what focus you have made, never lose it. It is possible you will face lots of problems in your career growth. when you defeat these problem your goal will be clear and you can achieve it.

It is not possible to get expected result every time, then what will you do?

Will you loose your focus? No and Never.

Only one thing you should remind in your life, no matter how much problems stand against you, you will not leave your focus.

If you lose the focus you will not achieve your goal.

Mistake No. #5 Giving up a goal

At last and very important, giving up a goal. If you have started to learn hacking for becoming expert hacker, why are you going to give up?

If you lose the focus you can create again, if you are going to bore to practice same thing you can make it interesting.

But if you give up your goal to become hacker you cant come again.

I will say again, Never give up.

What are free resources available today to learn skills?

Where to practice and sharp your skills?

Learn hacking is not tough as you have seen, First give the commitment to yourself you will never give up before achieving goal.

If you have most desire to complete your dream, not a single problem can stop you to become hacker.

Never stop practice because practice make you perfect hacker.

Finally you know every thing to become hacker.

If you have decide to become hacker enter your email address below with name and location.

Give me update about your progress at, You can give the update on social media by connecting me.

Twitter :

In the last I will ask for one favour please share this article as much as possible.

Thanks for reading! My best wishes to you start your career in cyber security Industry.


How to install virtualbox guest additions – Windows/Ubuntu

How ot install Virtualbox guest addition

Hello friends and welcome to my blog Cyberpedia. I am happy to see you here. and in this article, I am going to describe all about the VirtualBox guest additions in depth.

VirtualBox guest additions – Overview  

First thing is that you should know about the VirtualBox guest additions. It is designed to be installed inside the Virtual machine after the installing of guest operating system on virtual machine. This is a collection of software and drivers used for optimize the guest operating system for better performance. In this article I am going to show you how you can install Virtualbox guest additions on different operating systems (Windows and Linux)

After installing guest addition the following features will be added:

  1. Mouse pointer integration
  2. Shared folders
  3. Better video for support
  4. Seamless Windows
  5. Generic host/guest communication channels
  6. Time synchronisation
  7. Shared clipboard automated long

Install VirtualBox guest additions on Windows guest machine

You can perform the following steps install VirtualBox guest additions on Windows guest machine.

  1. Run the virtual machine, which you have installed Windows operating system
    Start Windows guest machine
  2. Click on devices > insert guest additions cd image. The installation will start automatic if not then go to the next step 3
    Insert guest additions image
  3. Open the file explorer and here you will find in a left panels CD drive VirtualBox guest additions click on that
  4. Run the Windows editions and it will ask for the user account control policy just click on the yes.
    User control policy
  5. A new window will be open for the VirtualBox guest additions setup wizard next and follow the instructions carefully.
    virtualbox guest additions Wizard
    virtualbox guest additions Wizard -2virtualbox guest additions Wizard -3At the time of completing Wizard, it will ask to install some device software on the virtual guest additions install each and everyone by clicking on install.
  6. After completing the VM VirtualBox get edition setup wizard it will ask for the reboot your guest system so reboots now and then finish and your virtual machine will be starting short reboot shortly.

Install VirtualBox guest additions on a Linux (Ubuntu) machine

For the demonstration of install VirtualBox guest additions on Linux machine,  I am using Ubuntu 15.04. Installing VirtualBox guest additions on the Linux virtual machine you can follow the following steps:

  1. Start the Linux virtual Machine you have installed already Ubuntu or other Linux OS.
    Install virtualbox guest additions on Ubuntu
  2. Go devices > insert gets additions CD image and click.
    Insert guest addtions cd image
  3. The next window will be pop up click on run, it will ask for the root user password enter the password and then click on the authenticate, the installation will be start automatic. If the run option will not work then go with next step
    1. Create a new folder on desktop with name guest.
    2. Open the VirtualBox guest additions ISO image by clicking on DVD icon on left pane.Open guest additions iso image
    3. copy all the data from guest additions ISO image to guest folder
      guest additions to guet
    4. Now open the terminal and run the following commands
      (provide root user password) if you don’t know the root user password then read my another article
      #cd Desktop/
      #chmod 777 -R guest/
      #cd guest
      #./VBoxLinuxAdditions.runCommands to install virtualbox guest additions on Ubuntu

You will find, the automatic installation has been started for the guest addition of Linux after the some time installation will be completed automatic and it will ask for the restart your Linux guest machine press enter.

  1. Now reboot the virtual machine



After the installation of the VirtualBox guest additions on virtual machine you will see the some changes on the VirtualBox guest machine. For example: you will see your machine is running on the full screen and has a better performance and good video graphics all these things.
if you have any question you can write inside comment box and if you have any query you can ask in comment box too. or if you think that some more content should be added to this article let me know in comments box.



4 Steps: How to Install Fedora on Virtualbox

How to Install Fedora on Virtualbox

Hello and Welcome on My Blog! I am happy to see you. And I hope you will like this article, This is old one but useful.

How to Install Fedora on VirtualBox

This article will cover all the required steps to Install Fedora on Virtualbox. Mostly people want to learn about how to install fedora on virtualbox but they not able to find right information. Why so, I wrote this article.

Introduction of Fedora:

Fedora is an RPM-based, broadly useful collection of packages, including an Operating System focused around the Linux kernel, created by the community-supported Fedora Project and supported by Red Hat. The Fedora Project’s aim is to lead the progression of free and open source programming and substance as a collective group.

One of Fedora’s main targets is not just to hold programming appropriated under a free and open source licensed, additionally to be on the heading edge of such advances. Fedora designers like to roll out upstream improvements as opposed to applying fixes particularly for Fedora this guarantees that their updates are accessible to all Linux distribution.

Install Fedora on VirtualBox topic will complete given steps:

Step 1: Prerequisites

Step 2: Create Virtual Machine for Fedora 32 bit

Step 3: Setting up a Virtual machine before installation

Step 4: Installing Fedora 20 on Hard Drive.

Step 1: Prerequisites

To Setup Virtual Lab Fedora for Penetration testing. You need Winodw (any Version) Window 7 is comfortable to do so. Install & Download Virtual box for Window Operating System


download virtual box for window

Download Fedora
Download fedora 20

  Step 2: Create Virtual Machine for Fedora 32 bit

  1. Open VirtualBox
    Start your Host Computer, Go to
    Start à All Program à Oracle VM VirtualBox à Oracle VM VirtualBox
    Click the Start Button
    Type “VirtualBox” in the search Box
    Click On Oracle VM VirtualBox
  2. Create a New Virtual Machine for Fedora.
    Click on New
    Fill the required field with given bellow
    Name: Fedora 20
    Type : Linux
    Version: Fedora
    Note: If you want to create 64 bit Virtual Machine then Select Fedora (64 bit)
    Create Virtual Machine For Fedora01
  3. Assign Memory Size
    The Recommended memory size for Fedora is 768, To work perfect assign 1024 MB RAM
    Create Virtual Machine For Fedora02
  4. Create Hard drive
    Select Create a virtual hard drive now radio button
    Click on “Create” button
    Create Virtual Machine For Fedora 03
  5. Create Hard drive file type
    Select VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk) radio button. It is the file type of Virtual Hard drive,
    Click Next Button
    Create Virtual Machine For Fedora04
  6. Select Fixed size radio button for fast speed. Click “Next” Button.
    Create Virtual Machine For Fedora 05
  7. Assign 15 GB size for Hard drive and click “Create”.
    Create Virtual Machine For Fedora06

Step 3: Setting up a Virtual machine before installation

  1. Select Fedora 20 Machine, Click on the setting
  2. Select Storage option in left menu from new pop up window.
  3. Select CD icon (Empty)
  4. Click another CD/DVD Icon image in left side
  5. New menu bar will open select “Choose Virtual CD/DVD disk file”
    Configure VirtualBox before start installation of Fedora
  6. Give the location for Fedora Live Desktop and click Open.
    Configure VirtualBox before start installation of Fedora02
  7. Ok
    Configure VirtualBox before start installation of Fedora03

Step 4: Install Fedora on Virtualbox 

  1. Start Fedora machine
    Select Fedora machine and Click on “Start” icon.
    install Fedora 20
  2. Try Fedora
    When Fedora machine will boot with the DVD/CD image, Welcome screen will appear and ask for two options “Try Fedora” and “Install to Hard Drive”. Select “Try Fedora”, Installation will be start later.
    Before installation process
  3. In the Next screen it will ask for confirmation.
    Before installation process2
  4. Start Installation:
    Click on activities button on the left top corner of Fedora Desktop.
    Search menu will be appear type install in search bot and hit enter.
    Click on “Install to Hard Drive
    Before installation process3
  5. Select language whatever you want at the time of installation, Click the “continue” button.
  6. Next Installation Summary WIZARD will appear
    Select “LOCALIZATION” to set Date & Time
    Installation of Fedora Date and Time configuration 01
    Select your region, Click “Done” button
    Installation of Fedora Date and Time configuration 02
    Select Local Standard Disks, Click “Done” button
    Installation of Fedora Disk configuration 02.jpg
    Installation of Fedora Disk configuration 01.jpg
    Click “Begin Installation” button to proceed to next option.
  7. Installation of Fedora has been started, It is also need to set “ROOT PASSWORD” AND “USER CREATION”
    Click the “ROOT PASSWORD”
    Set Root Password twice then click on “Done” button.
  8. After completing installation process Click on “Quit” button.
    System will reboot.
  9. First Boot after installation
    Welcome Screen will appear select language and click next button to proceed next step
    Next screen for Online Accounts, Click on “Next” Button to proceed.
    “Thank You” will appear Click on “Start Using Fedora” to start fedora.


Idiot’s guide to hacking.

So here we are back again with this new rendition ooooooofff……how to mess other’s people shit with this ‘IDIOTS GUIDE TO HACKING‘!! And NOT be this..THIS BELOW…..thing!idiot nerdidiot's guide

RULE 1: Find a PC and sit on it!Magnifying-Glass-PC-300x200

RULE 2: If you can’t find a PC. GET ONE or gettoff my site

RULE 3: Learn programming:

What is programming?

In tech terms programming is creation of an semi-abstract usable operational data or if that’s boring for ya ‘SOFTWARE’. Everything single tiny worthless thing on your computer it actually nothing but programming. Its interactive of course but programming is what’s still going on behind the scene. Right now, press control+shift+i, you will see some really fine, not much understandable but specifically written shit. That shit is programming. Inspecting the elements of how this site works.

What’s bring used here on the site is HTML and CSS. <—these right here are web based programming languages. HTML for creation and CSS for making that creation look good like prepping up a hot model before she walks the ramp. Model is HTML and the make-up is the CSS.

Here are the web based programming languages that are hot these days:

  1. HTML 5        : This is kinda easy. Used for creating web pages
  2. CSS 3             : This too is kinda easy. used for making those webpages look good
  3. Javascript     : This thing too is mostly easy…but you can learn more to make things move on webpage with this. So protip, GIT GOOD in JavaScript!
  4. PHP               : NOT need to really git good for this. Used for storing stuff in a database and database creation.
  5. MySQL         : Also a database and HARD  so git good!

Now computer Programming languages you need to know about


  1. Batch               : Kinda easy,  created using Notepad(Don’t ask me THIS now) and saved as .bat extension. Small viruses for systems crash and shits and giggles.
  2. C++                  : Average at start. Hard as you go on. Hard as Fuck at the last parts.
  3. Python             : This one is easy. Or you should call a lazy language. The syntax are easy, logic is the only thing you should care about here
  4. Visual Basics  : Visual Basic is easy if you use visual studio.

There are more more advanced such as Java and others but they are mostly the derivative if these programs. Clearing the concept in the above programs makes for an easier hard learning(you see what I did there??)

That being said, if you really wanna try your hands at hack WITHOUT learning any of the above. There are softwares for your lazy asses out there.(I am being patronizing as fuck) that you can check out.

Programs that can help you HACK.

1. RAT                : rat     RAT or Remote Administration Tool as the name suggests is a Remote (from far) controlling tool. You PC once gets taken on by a RAT that its someone else’s bitch now . Present this program as one with an application that helps one find a girlfriend a lonely guy clicks and BAM!! Trojan get in the PC with control of each and every aspect of that guy’s PC. Atleast the important ones. Your mouse,your keyboard, your webcam, your harddisk everything that you love in your room is taken over by  Killgrave…uh!…I mean RAT (too much Jessica Jones). The RAT are further hidden behind encryptions that most Antivirus can’t even detect. At present, DarkComet is the free RAT available! Here, but be careful with this power!DC

   2. Key Logger: A key logger is software that records EVERY DAMN YOU HAVE EVER PRESSED and stores it in the text file. Useful for when you want to crack someone’s facebok password or Youtube password or instagram …password (PS. I may talk shit but I don’t condone any of this. The right to privacy should be protected). This can also be enabled using RAT. key logger can be of 2 types. software one that in stored in PC and hardware one. Like…THISkeylogger_09_08

The above one is very invasive and used by criminals mostly to a take up PIN numbers. And i ain’t telling ya where to buy this!

3.Brute force : This program brutally forces out the password that is right. It consists of several combination of username and numbers until the right password is found. You know kinda like THIS!maxresdefault (2)



4.BOOTER:  A booter is used to DDosing (Distributive denial of service) for taking down websites. Coz you know?… We all want to just crush one person’s hardwork.

5. VPN Or Virtual Private Network: It is used to hide your IP if you wanna hide all the nasty shit you’ve been posting about your girlfriend/boyfriend online.


The above are some of the absolutely basic things about hacking or an ‘IDIOT’S’ guide. Trust me when i say this being an idiot here can give a better social life then ME! But for shits and giggles that is harm l……YEAH !! don’t do this

hqdefault (1)

$85 lets you turn your TV into a PC

Google Chromebit to give a new meaning to infotainment

Chromebit , a flash drive look alike device created with the coalition of Google and Asus will soon be available in the market . A $85 price tag of this wonder device is as affordable as it gets.


 This tech inhaler is promised to breath new life in computing

People of tech world(this kinda means every one) have been anticipating its release since its announcement back in march. This Chromebit is all cool and not screwing around, a computer-in-pocket that when plugged into a TV or any screen , turns it into an awesomely-portable-chromebook with all the OS and interface of chrome system that you will ever need . Well, I am pretty excited for this thing.


With the size of candy bar its promises are a lot and so are the potential. With this amount of portability for a full fledged OS just imagine the hardware we can put into this thing and how bigger this thing can go. Both from a software and a hardware standpoint, this device doesn’t feel a bit expensive.

Minimal effort is required in this device’s usage

  • Plugging the device into the HDMI port
  • and that’s it

Being such low cost as it is. It still provides the full Chrome OS experience


  • Stick
  • Linux (Chrome OS)
  • 2 GB
  • 16 GB (total)
  • HDMI
  • November 17, 2015


  • Stick
  • Linux (Chrome OS)


  • Other


  • Discrete
  • Other
  • ARM Mali 760
  • HDMI


  • 802.11 ac

Memory and storage (basic)

  • 2 GB
  • 16 GB (total)


  • 2.0 (1 port(s))
  • None
  • 4.0

Pricing & availability

  • Available
  • November 17, 2015
  • March 31, 2015
  • $85 USD


As of right now, Chromebit is available in , Australia, Canada, Denmark,New Zealand, , Japan,Finland , Norway, Spain,United States. Sweden, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. If you reside in US you can get Chromebit from Amazon and other online retailers. If you are in India, well BAD luck its not available yet . Now cry like a baby!



Lock Desktop Sidebar Gadgets in Kali Linux

Lock Desktop Sidebar Gadgets in Kali Linux | Cyberpedia

Lock Desktop Sidebar Gadgets in Kali Linux

Hide and unhide desktop sidebar gadgets found in Kali Linux default theme. This sidebar act as a toolbar and the gadget show live consists apps. you can search these apps. You can lock this intelligence sidebar where desktop Icons are displayed. 

Some People love home security gadgets sidebar option but some don,t like and want to gadget exchange. you can enable or disable desktop programs feature as per your requirement.

Video Tutorial: