Black hat hacker’s life, Just a melon on knife, They bounce their IP, Hide themselves from bottom to tip, Yes they are dangerous, But how we can trust, They use the method called  “PHISHING”, Yes, its very interesting, Come on guys, All girls and boys, Now What is phishing?? Phishing like … Read more

Who IS White And Black Hat Hacker

    Hackers are not so much much cynic, Some are ethical and some are chronic, We are ethical means , full of ethics, We are authorised not misuse our hacking tricks, Our aim is to target the victim, Especially the black hat hacker,whose intention is disgusting, My aim is to become a cyber security … Read more


Work of hacker

      As you know hackers are anonymous, That’s why they are very famous, They do what they like, So,they can hack facebook,twitter an hike, Don’t give challenge to hacker, They are more dangerous than crackers, Hacker steals the information , Cracks the password without your permission, Those who loves the hacker, Can join … Read more

Who is hacker

  Hackers took technology at an extreme height, But some are black and rest are white, White hat hackers have always right thinking, But black  hat have always feeling of embarrassing, Some hack for fun, some for duty, white hat hacker is the medium to spread the hacking beauty, Hacker are like a mirrror, who … Read more


Today topic is footprinting, How its working now we are talking, Network,website,server all these r parts of footprinting, & not 2 forget the information gathering & social engineering, Footprinting is just to trace the victims, & let the target permanently grim, First part of hacking is information gathering, To know the password & username like … Read more