Hackers claw into Play Station 4 and find it “Jail-Breakable”

Ever since the release of the herald of new generation of consoles(not discounting XBOX One), hackers have been trying to tinker with it. Trying to find a away to doodle with unauthorized soft wares on the system. Well, it seems they might just have succeeded. Just bypassing the huge deal that is breaking into the … Read more

Fallout 4 Funny ass bugs!!

As i live and breath the air of my own piss because DOGMEAT KEEP FINDING SHIT, Its time I talk about Fallout 4 and HOW AWESOME AND BALLS TO THE WALLS THIS GAME IS ,DAMMMNNNN!! But just like an all eternal bethesda tradition its gloating with awesomely funny bugs. Well…not gloating per say but…still funny as fuck. Some … Read more