Top 5 hidden spy apps for android and Iphone

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Top 5 hidden spy apps for android

This article is awesome because I am going to describe here about the cheating. Hahahah, Yes you have heard right because today we are going to discuss about terrible truth about cheating.
This is the fact, trust is going down and the cheating is increasing day by day. Many company’s employees are trying to  cheat owner, parents are being cheated by children, and boyfriend is cheating girlfriend, And boyfriend is being cheated by girlfriend.
Can you trust me?
Cheating has been increased side by side growth of Technology, Today we have the mobile, tablet, computer for stepping ahead with Technology.  but sometime these devices or not only for the right purpose also used for the cheating. so I am going to discuss about What are the hidden spy apps for android and Iphone can be used to monitor Cheaters? in this article.

Who are the cheaters and who could be cheated?


Cheating is a harmful disease mostly exist in people, Here are some relations could be exploited.

Company owner and company employee

Many company owners are cheated by their own employees , For example: employees are sending the data out of company by using the mobile phone or computer. but the mobile and computer devices are necessary and important to use in a organisation, in this case the owner cannot Ban these devices in the company area. so if you are such type of victim ( company owner) and want to monitor your employees. then you can use the Spy Apps for Android phone.


Parents and children

We can say childrens are Not in the list of cheaters but the teenagers or miss guided by some criminals mind people and used wrong way to grow their life. such type of victim are required to be guided in right way. and the only parents can do that. but without knowing about the root cause parents cannot take any action. So here are some spy apps for Android Which helps parents show monitor their children.


Girlfriend/wife and boyfriend/husband

As per human thought Most exploited relation is girlfriend and boyfriend, some time they have the misunderstanding between them and it starts spoiling their relationship. This type of the misunderstanding increased so high the victim commit for the suicide. so if you think that your boyfriend or girlfriend cheating you, its better to use spy apps for android for monitoring his/her.


Top 5 hidden spy apps for android phone and Iphone

iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy KeyloggerSpy

Platform: Android/Iphone
Price : $49.99/month

Features of Spymaster Pro:

  • Call Recording
  • SMS & iMessages
  • Password & Keylogger
  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat
  • Automatic Screenshots
  • Website Visited
  • GPS Tracking
  • Total 30 features
Buy now 12 Months Buy now 1 Month


Spy master pro

Platform: Android/Iphone
Price : $6.66/month

Features of Spymaster Pro:

  • Snapchat Tracking
  • Instagram tracking
  • SMS Tracking
  • GPS Location tracking
  • Calls Tracking
  • Email Tracking
  • Whatsapp tracking
  • Facebook Tracking
  • Photo Tracking
  • Phonebook and Callendra access


Easy SPY

Platform: Android/Iphone
Price : $29.99/month

Features of Easy SPY

  • Text Messages – OLD, DELETED & NEW!
  • GPS Location
  • iMessages*
  • Live Control Panel
  • Remote Camera
  • Call Log
  • URL(Website) Log*
  • Photos & Video Log
  • Social Networking Logs*
  • E-Mail Log*
  • Contacts
  • Remote Uninstall


Surepoint Spy

Platform: Android/Iphone
Price : $69.99/month

Features of Surepoint spy

  • SMS & Text Message
  • Monitor Social Media
  • GPS Tracking
  • Monitor & Record Email
  • Call Log
  • Access to Contacts
  • Browser History
  • Remote Camera
  • Real-time Control Panel
  • Easily Uninstall


Highster Mobile

Platform: Android/Iphone
Price : $29.99/month

Features of Highster Mobile 

  • SMS Text Messages
  • GPS Location
  • Live Control Panel
  • iMessages
  • Photo & Video Log
  • Call Logs
  • Browser History
  • Social Networking Logs
  • Stealth Camera


Top 10 android apps for visually impaired

android apps for visually impaired


Android apps for visually impaired

We all saw Matt Murdock using an Android phone. it has android apps for visually impaired pre installed. The world is on the rise with this tech, the blind should too. So here today, we are going to discuss the apps that can help the visually stunted.

  • Scanlife Barcode and QR Reader


Reading embedded strings from the QR codes are the new cool. this apps helps a visually impaired to just take the picture of the QR Code and the embedded function inside the code does its own magic. This is not exclusively helpful to a visually stunted per se, but it’s damn well helpful,

  • Talkback 


Initiated as a part of Google’s Accessibility service, talkback is exclusive to help the blind and the visually impaired. Much like the Jaws in the Nokia phones, Talkback audibly informs the user about the option they just selected. To enable this after installing, one just needs to go to Settings–>Accessibility–>Enable talkback .

  • IDEAL Accessibility Installer


Designed to be a complete package of Googles’ Accessibility Program , the IDEA Accessibility Installer is also known as the Platform Access Installer. It contains apps packages that are helpful to the people with disabilities. The applications found in this adds Audio, gestural and vibration feedback responses to the android phone to help the visually impaired.

  • Magnify


This app is particularly useful for people with relatively inadequate vision(people like me). This app essentially turns your phone into a well made magnifier. this magnifier in turn will help read the miniscule writings of a very good book, or helpful you see the terms and conditions of an insurance policy that they mostly try to brush  under the table.

  • Font installer Root


The large screen of the android phones appear to be relatively miniature when trying to read from it. For that Font Installer is boon. Font installer allows for the root acces s for the phone regarding font change, These font change in turn will improve the readability of the phone.

  • MessagEase Keyboard


Used for ultra fast typing, this app is useful for both tech addicts and visually impaired. With large visible letters, no need for autocorrect and straight forwardness this app is a gold in the world of android apps.

  • Classic Text to Speechclassic

Classic text to speak Engine is particularly accessible to the blind as it had 40 male/femal voices in 25 languages to enable reading of text , ebooks and other stuff. It makes the navigation easy for the blind.

  • WalkyTalky



Navigation is the most brutal problem faced by the visually stunted. So WalkyTalky came into existense. Developed by the Eyes Free project WalkyTalky is a navigational tool that speaks out landmarks or vibrate s the obstacles as it comes on the road. This in tuen makes getting around town easy for the visually challenged. Some will still prefer a walking stick though. Because it may be good but noe perfect.

  • Ultra Magnifier


An advanced version of the Magnify app, Ultra magnifier helps the challenged by turning the smartphone into an ultiamate magnifying glass. Protip: Keep the phone 10 cm’s away from the the reading material to get the most out of the app.

  • NoLED


An application that help not only the visually challenged but also with phones that have no dedicated LED, NoLED displays costum dots for notifications regarding respective functions of the phone i.e for  message , ext messages, voice messages, missed calls, Google Talk notifications, charging activities, calendar events, emails, and notifications from third-party apps.


So there you go fols the toip 10 android apps for visually impaired. Comment below if you got more of these apps

How to install android on Virtualbox -PC

How to install android on Virtualbox -PC

Best way to run android apps on PC

Android is widely used Operating system created by Google, runs on smart phones, and tons of apps available on Google play store. Android 7.0 or Nougat is a latest release of Google android. It has difference features and apps. some apps are working properly but some not. if you want to try Android apps on Nougat operating system, then you can install android on virtualbox on PC (Windows, Linux and MAC)

How to install android Lollipop on Virtual box

Recently Google has released a new Android OS version 7.0.x called “Android Nougat”. If you want to know the features of Android Lollipop OS without using mobile device, then you can install Android Nougat on your Windows/Linux PC by the help of Virtual box.

In this article I will guide you to install Android Nougat step by step in the computer and take the experience of new and advance features or Lollipop 5.0.x. Same method will be applicable on Window/Linux/MAC Operating systems.


  1. Download Virtual box ( click here)
  2. Download android ISO 5.0 lollipop Operating system ( Click Here )
  3. Download android ISO 6.0 lollipop Operating system ( Click Here )
  4. Download android ISO 7.0 Nougat Operating system ( Click Here )
    choose and download image whatever you want to install on Virtualbox.

Step by step installs Android 7.0.x Nougat on Your PC (Windows/Linux/MAC)

Create Virtual Machine for android

Hey, These are Pre-installation and most important steps to create a virtual machine for android. you must follow these steps very carefully.

  1. Install Virtual box on your System, if you have not done.
  2. Once the installation is completed, run Virtual box and create new Virtual machine
  3. Provide the name of Virtual Machine (Android N) And typeLinux, version Linux 3.x.
  4. Next chose the Memory (RAM) Size minimum 2048 MB.
  5. Select radio button “Create a virtual hard drive now” and then click NEXT.
  6. New window will be popup, remain hard drive file type by default click next.
  7. Select Dynamic allocated and Next.

Change settings for Android Virtual Machine

you must know how to make right changes in the setting of Android Virtual machine 

  1. Select the Virtual Machine
  2. Click on Setting
  3. Select Storage
  4. Select DVD/CD icon under Controller ID
  5. Provide the path for Android ISO Image.
  6. OK

Start Virtual Machine and Install Android 7.0 N OS

  1. Once proper setting done for Android Virtual machine click on Start (Green Button)
  2. New window will be appear select “Installation – install Android-x86 to hard disk” and hit enter.
  3. Select Create/Modify Partition and hit Enter
  4. Select new and hit Enter
  5. Select Primary and hit enter
  6. After creating partition select write and hit enter.
  7. Now choose sda1 Linux option and hit OK
  8. Chose ext4 then hit OK
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Android for beginners-Part 1

Jelly Bean
This article marks for an inception of something new, something cool, something to brag about and something that makes you feel more tech savvy. Android started to come to the surface in 2008. Since then, billions of gadgets from thousands of companies have embedded it in their roots. And naturally, more developers, whether from a corporation or independent and trying their hands on it. So, we now begin

What is Android?

An operating system that is derived from java. Java is object-oriented, such that it’s workings mimic the real world objects. Programs have been made easy to comprehend, to create and to recreate due to this. Hence, derivatively, Android is easy to learn but difficult to master language whose only limitation, is your imagination and your tenacity. Okay now, enough with the emotional-motivational part.

A java program is needed to be compiled into a DEX file to be executed as an android one. I imagine that if you are reading this. you might understand how programming works exactly. You write thecode-> compile the code-> execute the code.


Dalvik executable. This executable file is mapped for efficient storage and memory mapped execution. Its history is not you should concern yourself with. This topic is about the future.

Below are the things you require before you go on to fondle with the android.

  • An IDE (Integrated Development Environment): This environment gives you developing tools, debugging tools(error removal) and an emulator to test your projects on. Use Android Studio, a free development IDE. Download using the given red colored link.
  • A JDK(Java development kit): Download and install it before downloading and installing the Android Studio. As I say, “Can’t do anything without a good java!”
  • A system with a minimum of 4gigs of RAM.
  • Windows 7/8/10. I am learning it on windows. So you get to do the same too.
  • An android powered tablet or phone with a minimum of Android 4.1 Jellybean.
  • Tenacity to learn

Accumulate these things and you are good to go. By the time we are done, you will be cooking android apps like instant noodles.


Backup and Restore WhatsApp Chat on Google Drive

Backup and Restore chat over Google Drive

WhatsApp V2.12.45 birngs feature backup and Restore Chat on Google Drive

WhatsApp allow users to take backup and restore chats on Local Storage. And it is pretty cool  feature availabe in whatsApp. A good news for all WhatsApp user That New version 2.12.45 of WhatsApp brings feature to backup and restore chats Over Google drive Yes it is true. At the time of written this post WhatsApp v2.12.44 is available on official website Check Here. But don’t be hopless You need to download WhatsApp v 2.12.45 and install on your dvice.

Once installation done then open Whats app and go Option>Chat Setting > Chat Backup, Here you will see “Google Drive” backup never. Configure backup google drive by adding your Email account. And make backup and restore


Video Tutorial: