Waiting over for free Video call in WhatsApp

  We as a human race are never satisfied with the bare minimum, we want all. So now, if the screenshots are to be believed, video call in WhatsApp is not a far-off feature  WhatsApp free video calling The claims of the “free” video calling were made by Macerkopf.de a German Tech Blog. On its blog, the … Read more

Smiley’s to crash your friends’ WhatsApp.

Before we begin about everyone’s favourite communication app “WhatsApp!” , think about this “How many supermodels does it take to change a lightbulb?” Your answers may vary. Now think about “how many smiley’s does it take to crash WhatsApp?” NOPE, its’ 4000. All its gonna take you to mess with your friends’ app is 4000 smiley’s. Not especially … Read more

Hoax bomb Threat causes German behörde to seize Encrypted Email Servers

A hoax bomb threat gave the school kids in Los Angeles a free holiday and across the pond, German authorities have now snatched an encrypted email server. How are the 2 related? Well, the server of the anonymous email provider service Cock.li was the one thought to have sent the hoax email regarding the bomb threat to the United States that … Read more

Turning your No-Touch PC screen into a touchscreen in a cheap way

What would you not give to get a touchscreen PC? To feel the screen, the technology, the keys by just stroking on the screen. To feel the smooth motion of soft, untainted skin made of glass. OOKKKAY! It got a little sexual, ain’t it?!  But here is a glitch, you can’t always afford a touch … Read more

Instagram got its first hackjob! Researcher hacks into Instagram

A researcher hacks into Instagram to reveal a flaw and he may be still screwed. Every now and then a student comes into ethical hacking and his starting question is this..”Sir, how do I hack my friends’ facebook account?”. As menial and snooze-worthy this question is, a teacher is always afraid that this just might happen … Read more

Top 10 tools for hacking wirelessly that should protect yourself from.

MODULE 14:- WiFi Hacking and Security 5 Ways to show my saved wifi password in Windows 10 KickThemOut- how to kick someone off your wifi 5 Tips, how to secure wifi from hacking – full guide Top 5 Wifi Hacking software for Linux OS Top 10 tools for hacking wirelessly that should protect yourself from … Read more

Hacker teen steals $150,000 doodling with an Airline website

$150,000 is a lot of money. So much, that it stays in your head for a while after hearing about it. But how does one earn it? Well, for starters NOT do what this hacker teen did! He hacked into an airline and sold fake tickets. 19 Year old Zhang from Heilongjiang, north-east China did the very thing. He first … Read more

“Government-hacking” warned by twitter

Twitter has warned that a number of users may be unknown victims of government hacking a.k.a the culprits of this hacking may be state sponsored actors. For the first time, the social site has come forward regarding the illicit government activities that influence peoples’ privacy. An email from Twitter warned users that their respective account information may … Read more