How to use whois Kali Linux commands with example 2021

whois Kali Linux commands

Overview of Whois Kali Linux command A whois Kali linux command is a utility as a part of the information gathering used in all of the Linux-based operating systems. this tool is part of information security assessment, and one of  information gathering techniques.  there are a lot of  information gathering strategies. It is used to identify domain information … Read more

How to use dig command in Kali Linux a Tutorial for beginners

dig command in Linux

What is dig command? The ‘dig command‘ is used in network administration that check and lookup domain name server (DNS) It is dnssec and the part of information gathering. Well further can’t be discussed much until I give you the definition of name servers….until then everything I say will be moot. What is a domain name server? … Read more

How to Change Kali Linux IP Address by using Graphical Interface

6 steps to change Kali Linux IP address (Easy)

Easy Steps to change Kali Linux IP address When it comes to windows everything just comes too easy. I mean you gotta work for that too but the sense of accomplishment just ain’t there. When it comes to Linux, everything feels like an accomplishment. So now today folks I am gonna teach you how to … Read more

Why penetration testing?

why penetration testing with kali linux

Module 1 :- Overview Of Penetration Testing  What is Hacking? Why Penetration Testing? Steps of Penetration Testing? WHY PENETRATION TESTING?…PART 2 Lets revisit what we previously discussed. Penetration Testing is testing how strong the wall that secures the treasure is. Now what is the technical meaning of this term in the digital realm? Penetration Testing is a … Read more

Important 4 Steps for Penetration Testing

Module 1 :- Overview Of Penetration Testing What is Penetration Testing? Why Penetration Testing? Steps of Penetration Testing? All Right all right. now we all know “what is Penetration Testing?”, “Why it is needed?”. Now its time for ‘How it is done?’    There are four basic steps of Penetration Testing…….Well the fifth one is … Read more

How to use dnsenum for dns enumeration – Kali Linux Guide for Beginners

How to use dnsenum for dns enumeration - Kali

Why in the DNS enumeration we need dnsenum? Just like previous tools this is also used for the purpose of gathering information. This is used if we require to access whatever scraps and metal information of the domain sites that we can. What it basically does is enumerates the  DNS enumeration (Information)  about domains. Its … Read more

Top 10 android apps for visually impaired

android apps for visually impaired

Android apps for visually impaired We all saw Matt Murdock using an Android phone. it has android apps for visually impaired pre installed. The world is on the rise with this tech, the blind should too. So here today, we are going to discuss the apps that can help the visually stunted. Scanlife Barcode and QR Reader … Read more

Android for beginners-Part 1

This article marks for an inception of something new, something cool, something to brag about and something that makes you feel more tech savvy. Android started to come to the surface in 2008. Since then, billions of gadgets from thousands of companies have embedded it in their roots. And naturally, more developers, whether from a … Read more