Attempt to bribe the Raspberry Pi, to pre- install a malware


Remember when we were all hopeful in the article discussing how the lives are going to be altered by Raspberry Pi, how dreams can be fulfilled with cheap computing. Well, seems like corrupt are already trying to woo it to the Darkside. Let’s hope Pi doesn’t end up a trooper.

Whenever you try to do extraordinarily good, you gather attention. The same thing has happened to Raspberry Pi as its now getting attention of malware distributors that wanna bribe the Pi to preinstall a malware in its system.

This shocking revelation has put forth by the company before the chip is shipped out to the users.

A little about Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is one of the simplest computers with a basic feeling, but can be built into several projects that require a saute of geek in it. In one of our previous articles, we discussed Raspberry Pi zero. Or, the cheapest computer in the world. A programmable computer with a price point of $5, it can easily be a herald of the computer education.

Back to the bribery part

A screenshot of the email that the charitable foundation(the creator of Raspberry Pi) got from the illustrious corrupt “Business Officer” Linda was tweeted by the foundation. The “Business Officer” offered price-per-install to the foundation, only the price was disrupting the integrity of the foundation and the install was the malware.


Linda has no surname, it screams suspicious! So they wanted the foundation to get the computer to have and EXE file that was a way to disrupt the computer and probably log on to a fake credit card site, in Nigeria. Gotta say one thing, Linda is way too informal, more than I want even my own non-existent girlfriend to be.

Of course, the foundation of Pi declined the offer. Now we all hope that Raspberry Pi lives a lot longer.

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