9 steps to activate anti spam WordPress plugin – Akismet

10 steps to activate anti spam wordpress plugin - Akismet

9 steps to activate anti-spam WordPress plugin – Akismet

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When you set up your website and install sahifa theme according to sahifa documentation, then the Next Step has a look at the WordPress plugin. this article will discover the pre-installed WordPress plugin Akismet. you can visit my other article 5 Easy steps to Install WordPress Plugins

Akismet is an anti-spam WordPress plugin, used to filter spam comments. So this plugin protects your site from spamming comments. But it will not work without activation. So in this article, I am going to describe 9 steps to activate anti spam WordPress plugin – Akismet 

Activate Akismet with API key

Follow the given steps:

Step 1: Go in Dashboard > Plugins > installed Plugins

go in installed plugin

Step 2: Click on Activate hyperlink down of Akismet plugin

click on activate akismet

Step 3: New page will open, Here you will get two option Get your API key and another is Manual enter any key. If you are new user the click on Get your API key

akismet enter key

Step 4:  New tab will open with akismet official website, Display message “Say goodbye to comment spam”. Click on


new window will popup

Step 5: Complete the sign up process by entering email, username and password and click on Sign up

signing up for wordpress

Step 6: Chose your subscription type, I didn’t have money so I selected Basic plan and click on GET STARTED

get akismet and choose your plan


Step 7:  Make $0.00/YEAR on the right side and enter firstname, Last name on left side. Click on CONTINUE for next process

enter first name and last name

Step 8: You will see generated Akismet API key, Copy and save it in file. and click on AUTOMATICALLY SACE YOUR AKISMET API KEY.

generate key

Step 9: New tab will open and you will find “Akismet is now activated. Happy blogging!” message. And in the Settings section, you will find the API key. click on save changes. 

akismet is now activated

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