7 MacBook Tips for Better Work Experience

7 MacBook Tips for Better Work Experience

Owning a MacBook is an advantage for professionals, students, and everyone as it is loaded with plenty of advanced features.  When working on a MacBook, many features can save you time without compromising on work.

If you don’t have time to explore all the features to transform your work life, read this post. Here are some quick tips to improve your work experience on your MacBook with improved productivity.

Find and Replace Text in Filenames

You can rename all highlighted files in Finder using the Rename… option available in the Ctrl-click menu. Using this option, you can rename certain files in a selection whose names consist of a particular section of identifying text.

Change files having a specific word from hundreds of files in any folder using the Rename dialog. Select all similar files in a folder, Ctrl-click, and choose the Rename… option. Pick Replace Text and type the text required to replace it into the Find section. Type the text to be replaced in the ‘Replace With’ section and tap Rename.

Monitor Your Mac Battery

Checking the battery percentage helps in unplugging it at the right time and maintaining the optimal health of the battery. If you wonder how to display battery percentage on macbook, select the Apple menu, choose System Settings, and click Control Centre.

Go to Battery and keep scrolling until you get to the Battery section. Enable Show Percentage. To display battery percentage on a MacBook running macOS Big Sur or Monterey, click Dock & Menu Bar in System Preferences. Tap Battery and choose Show Battery Percentage.    

Copy and Paste Photo Edits

Do you want to edit multiple photos on a MacBook with macOS Ventura in the same way? Use the copy and paste edits tool in your Photos app. Using this tool, you can apply the same changes you made in one photo to other photos.

Open the required photo and click Edit. Make necessary changes and then choose Image. In the menu bar, select Copy Edits and choose the photos you wish to paste them to. Select Image and click Paste Edits in the menu bar.  

Convert Images in Finder

If you are using a MacBook with macOS Monterey or later, use Quick Action to convert a single image or a group of images within Finder. Choose an image or drag a selection box over multiple image files. Ctrl-click and choose Quick Actions and then Convert Image.

In the appearing dialog box, select the required format and the output file size. Tick the box to maintain the metadata of the real image in the output image. Tap Convert to [format]. The changed image will be saved as the real image in the same folder.

Set Up Hot Corners

Using Hot Corners on your Mac, you can use the four corners of the display to invoke one of multiple configurable actions. To enable Hot Corners, tap on the Apple menu, click System Preferences, and do any of these things. Tap Desktop & Screen Saver > Screen Saver.

Hit Mission Control. Tap Hot Corners. Click the appearing menu for the required corner. Select Lock Screen, Notification Center, or Launchpad. Keep pressing the Command, Shift, Control, or Option key to use modifier keys with the hot corner. At last, tap OK.

See All Calendar Events as a List

You can see all upcoming events as a vertical list using some apps. The Calendar app of Apple for macOS doesn’t have the same feature. However, you can force a list view that consists of all events.

In the Calendar window, tap the Search field and enter two double quotes. This will create a list of all your upcoming events. This way, you can copy several events and paste them into other applications in sequential order.    

Pause Copying File

While copying a large file or folder using the Copy and Paste options, there is a pie chart progress. You can see how long the process will take to complete using this chart. If you don’t have time to let the process complete, pause the copy and continue it later.  

If you pause it using the X button, the file or folder’s ghosted version will stay in the destination area. Simply, tap on it. You will get the option to Keep the Resumable Copy or Finish Copying. You can resume and complete the transfer at the required time.


All these are quick productivity tips that MacBook users can use for improved work experience. And the best part is that these tricks take just a few minutes to implement and turbo-charge your productivity.

One more important trick that you can follow is to copy and paste any text without including formatting. Press the Command, Option, Shift, and V keys to copy and paste text excluding any formatting. 

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