4 Steps to install flash player plugin in Mozilla – Kali Linux

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Today I updated my Kali Linux in latest version 2016.2 and I found flash player plugin is not working in Mozilla Firefox. Flash Player mostly used to play videos and flash content in a browser. so if you don’t have the latest version of Flash Player many flash content will not visible. I open a website which have some flash content, I got follwwing error.


plash player error


So I decided to write an article on how to update and install Flash player plugin in Mozilla on Kali Linux Operating System. So this article also will helpful for those, who are facing the same problem. By the way it’s a very easy to update Flash Player. download from the official websites of the flash player and extracted and copy libflashplayer.so into /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins . If you don’t know how you can install flash player plugin in Mozilla, so you can follow the steps given below

STEP 1: Download Flash player plugin

Go to the official website of Adobe flash player and download appropriate file (.tar.gz) for your Kali Linux version. After some time downloading will be completed then go for the next step.

STEP 2: Extract or unzip downloaded file

Go to the download folder and you will find .gz file. You need to extract it .just right click on the file and select option extract here

download folder in kali

STEP 3: Install flash player plugin in mozilla

After the extracting just run the following commands


STEP 4: restart Firefox browser

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