5 Tips, how to secure wifi from hacking – full guide 2021

how to secure wifi from hacking

I am happy to see you on my blog, and it’s good that you are showing interest in “how to secure wifi from hacking at your home”. Here I am describing 5 methods to secure WiFi. but You can do that only while accessing the WiFi setup page of the router. So first, you must know … Read more

How to Make Anonymous VPN vs. TOR Full Explanation 2021

How to Make Anonymous VPN vs. TOR image

Hello friends, welcome on my blog! Today I am going to describe about TOR and VPN. Many new person ask about Being anonymous on internet but actually they don’t know “what tools can make them anonymous completely?” So I decided to write a short article on How to Make Anonymous VPN vs. TOR. The following things … Read more

How to use Linux Debian package manager “dpkg”

Linux Debian Package Manager “dpkg” Debian package manager is used to install, remove and upgrade packages (Software) in Debian-based Operating systems such as Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, etc. apt-get package handling utility is best for managing packages for new users. but in Kali Linux, only those Software Packages can be installed by APT utility, which is … Read more

How to Become Hacker, Do you have required Eligibility or Not?

how to become hacker in simple steps

Become hacker is easy and free even you don’t have good knowledge about computer or other technology. How to Become Hacker If you are looking for how to become hacker article then you are right place. I will describe all the methods used by hackers in their journey from Zero to Hero. Why am I … Read more

Best Encryption Software for Data Protection and Security – FREE for You

best-encryption-software-for-windows-10 data protection

Data protection and security are very important assets nowadays when you store sensitive data on your computer or Pendrive/flash drive, you always have fear of stolen and misuse of data. If you have saved some important official documents on Pendrive and by bad luck, you lost the pen drive. The person who got your lost … Read more

How to install Windows 10 on VirtualBox Complete guide for beginners 2021

How to install window 10 in VirtualBox

Are you feeling uncomfortable after hearing this word “Install windows 10 on Virtualbox? It is natural. Most of the time you heard or read about “Install Virtualbox on windows 10, Install kali Linux on Virtualbox” But today’s topic is how to install windows 10 on VirtualBox. It is interesting. I will go through the following … Read more

How to get administrator privileges on windows 10


Administrator privileges windows 10 The real pain is when you get a computer without administrator privilege, you can’t install games, programs. If you try to install something it will ask for an administrator password. If you don’t know the administration password you can’t do anything on the computer. Everyone will give you windows 10 machines … Read more

How to Enable BitLocker windows 10 encryption – Guide for beginners 2021

How to Enable bitlocker windows 10 encryption

This article will cover System requirements for BitLocker, Enable BitLocker windows 10 encryption, BitLocker to Go, BitLocker without TPM and Turn off BitLocker, and more. BitLocker Windows 10 Encryption When you keep sensitive information on your computers like credit card information or other document and Carry sensitive official information and other data in the Pendrive … Read more