SEO Checker: Analyze Your Site for SEO Issues

Website business works well when there is proper check and balance. It comprises a variety of elements, and all the elements need to be checked quite keenly. Check SEO for the website and find out the issues that it is suffering from. Many business owners strive hard in uploading content on time and look for … Read more

How to use dig command in Kali Linux a Tutorial for beginners

dig command in Linux

What is dig command? The ‘dig command‘ is used in network administration that check and lookup domain name server (DNS) It is dnssec and the part of information gathering. Well further can’t be discussed much until I give you the definition of name servers….until then everything I say will be moot. What is a domain name server? … Read more

Use Baidu browser Video Downloader extension to Download Videos in easy way

Baidu browser video downloader extension

As you know the internet is the hub of education, news, and entertainment hub. but Motion clips are giving us more pleasure than others. Sometimes we find awesome clips and want to store them on a hard disk, but the problem is how to download videos in your hard disk from the internet? Sometimes you … Read more

Top 10 steganography tools for Windows 10 Beginner’s Guide

Top 10 steganography tools for Windows 10

Hiding important message is an old fashion, In the old day’s people were hiding their letter, love letter from others. But now, It is the age of technology including mobile, iPhone, computer. Today you have another type of message on our devices and the internet. So we can use different hiding methods to hide messages. … Read more