5 Easy steps to Install WordPress Plugins

5 Easy steps to Install WordPress Plugins

Hey, your warm welcome on my blog, you are reading an article related wordpress tutorial. if you want my future updates in your inbox directoly, than dont forget to subscribe me by entring your Email and Name. What is WordPress Plugin? WordPress plugin is a piece of coding, which helps to modify your website and give … Read more

8 steps to install WordPress theme manually

how to install WordPress theme manually

How to install WordPress theme Hello Friends, Welcome again! In this article, I will cover 8 steps to install WordPress theme manually. the theme gives a good and unique look of your website. for more detail read Use Sahifa Theme for Blogger to design website The first question arise in mind, how to upload and activate a … Read more

Use Sahifa Theme for Blogger to design website

Use Sahifa Theme for Blogger to design website

Sahifa Theme for Blogger – Responsive, news, blog etc: Sahifa is one of the most used WordPress theme in the world. This is amazing product of themeforest Market offers many incredible features, added to enhance your website. use Sahifa theme for blogger and make your website awesome. It has balance of power and beauty, due to … Read more

How to Install WordPress Tutorials for Beginners – 9 steps

Installing Wordpress Tutorials for Beginners

Installing WordPress Hello friends Welcome back, In this Article I am going to tell you How to install wordpress tutorials for beginners. before start installation you should read Create database user and WordPress Database for New Website and wordpress upload file and extract it . These are previous post for showing prerequisite for installing wordpress. Installing WordPress tutorials for beginners … Read more

4 Steps to DNS nameserver configuration for new website

Configure DNS nameserver

Hey, Welcome again on my blog, this article is the part of wordpress website series. In this article you will learn importance of dns nameserver and configuration. The importance of DNS nameserver? Without configuring of DNS nameserver configuration your website will not work. means your site will not we live or your website URL will not … Read more