The first JavaScript powered RansomWare Ransom32

Ransomware: What is it? Let’s go by the wiki definition with this one. The meaning is simple enough, the RansomWare infects the system and holds it for ransom. By infecting here, it means that the malware operators disable one particular(mostly crucial) function in the system and will only enable it back if the victim system’s owner pays … Read more

World’s first Power outage using Malware

Die Hard 4.0 seems real enough now as we have the world’s first power outage accomplished by a malware. The culprits are… guessed it, the blackhats. Now hackers have used a highly elegant and destructive malware to successfully infect at least three regional Ukrainian power authorities. So, their pre-Christmas 23rd December was pretty much a …lights out. The … Read more

Mark Zuckerberg to become Iron Man without the armor

    When you hear this for the first time you can’t imagine a scrawny guy that was played by another scrawny guy to be Iron Man. But then you see the recent casting of the actor scrawny guy playing Lex Luthor Junior and you start to imagine. Well, what would Mark Zuckerberg look like as Iron Man? Sorry … Read more