Google cracks super fast computing with quantum

With an enthusiastic cry google announces that super fast computing with quantum is a 100 million times faster then your regular computer They finally cracked it. At-least they are appearing to say it. Announcing their result, google may have just told us that super fast computing with  quantum is now not a dream. The story started 2 … Read more

Optic hacking or hacking through eyes

NO !NO! Its not some cool ass Adam Jensen microchip eye, but a rather creepy hacking way that you may go through all day in the cyber cafe…and that rhymes! What is Visual hacking? Visual Hacking or i would like to say quaintly Optic Hacking is one of the major security threat on a system. Its like … Read more

World’s Fastest Charger charges your device in 30 seconds.

Israeli Firm claims to hit it home with the world’s fastest charger. A newborn Israeli firm Storedot claims to develop a fast charging technique that accomplishes the said task in 30 seconds. Faster than it takes to rub one out…. Biological Semiconductor’s (the firm’s main focus) are the key ingredient of this wonder technology. The … Read more

Top 10 insecure programming languages

New research shows that scripting languages cause web vulnerabilities To this news, I was like.WHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAttt?? But it is true. A new research showed that scripting languages, in general, spawn security vulnerabilities regarding web applications. Now this got many on the web their panties got all twisted. As millions are websites are now under potential security … Read more

Its all shamelessness with Kazakhstan internet backdoor

So here is a news, Kazakhstan forcing the people to do things they don’t want to do! Like anything other then complete rational thinking can be expected from a completely rational , brimming with democracy and a FOR THE PEOPLE  government! Well the thing is…the country is not any of these things! All the sarcasm … Read more

Steve Ballmer says android in windows needed

“We need android in the Windows phone” says Steve Ballmer  Project Astoria, a plan for Microsoft to bring Android to Windows 10 mobile platform, has been put on hold. Meaning it might never see the light of day. Against this decision Steve Ballmer, The ex CEO of Microsoft and its biggest single shareholder had his own … Read more

Hold my beer!! Imma give you some Wifi signal strength

Beer can to boost you wifi signal!! At the first glance, it seems like one of those college student ideas pulled straight outta their asses. But who knew an ass pull creativity will turn into a valuable life hack. Ideas out of the box are mostly always under scrutiny but this might the best one … Read more