After twitter, Microsoft to inform you if you are being spied on by the government

Few days ago we reported that twitter is informing the people if their accounts are bring fondled by the BIG MAN. Following the same footsteps, Microsoft has made a promise to the user to notify them if their accounts are being targeted by the Government backed hackers. The users of Outlook and Onedrive are the ones promised to get the … Read more

Misconfigured Database exposes 191 million US voters

This just in, the misconfigured database  puts the Voters’ personal Info for the naked display The exposed stuff includes Voters’ Full names Voters’ Addresses Voters’ ID number Phone Number Chris Vickery discovered this fatal flaw on December 20th. Now Chris is a white hat hacker, you know, the good kind. He was able to access 191 million PII(Personal … Read more

Celebrities Email accounts get hacked, exposing scripts and sex tapes

After the event that shake and moved all…The fappening. It seems the celebs haven’t learnt their lesson yet to keep their personal stuff safe. Over 130 celebrities have got their E-mails hacked exposing their scripts and sex tapes.  The thief The culprits name is Alonzo Knowles. A (now arrested) Bahamian hacker who, after stealing the Scripts and Other stuff (wink-wink) … Read more

Waiting over for free Video call in WhatsApp

  We as a human race are never satisfied with the bare minimum, we want all. So now, if the screenshots are to be believed, video call in WhatsApp is not a far-off feature  WhatsApp free video calling The claims of the “free” video calling were made by a German Tech Blog. On its blog, the … Read more

Smiley’s to crash your friends’ WhatsApp.

Before we begin about everyone’s favourite communication app “WhatsApp!” , think about this “How many supermodels does it take to change a lightbulb?” Your answers may vary. Now think about “how many smiley’s does it take to crash WhatsApp?” NOPE, its’ 4000. All its gonna take you to mess with your friends’ app is 4000 smiley’s. Not especially … Read more

Hoax bomb Threat causes German behörde to seize Encrypted Email Servers

A hoax bomb threat gave the school kids in Los Angeles a free holiday and across the pond, German authorities have now snatched an encrypted email server. How are the 2 related? Well, the server of the anonymous email provider service was the one thought to have sent the hoax email regarding the bomb threat to the United States that … Read more