What Is the Process of Lead Generation

What Is the Process of Lead Generation and How Will You Benefit from Professional Services? Do you want to attract more customers to your business? Then, you need to learn more about the process of online lead generation. First of all you need to have a clear understanding of what a lead is. It’s a … Read more

How to install Nessus on Kali Linux 2021 Guide for beginners

Downloading and installing nessus on kali linux

Downloading Nessus Download Nessus 5.0 or higher from Here Select 32bit or 64-bit Debian packages as per your Operating System. Read the agreement of terms & conditions and if acceptable agree to the statement by a hit on Agree button. Remember the location where the Nessus’s .deb file is downloaded as it will be needed … Read more

5 Tips, how to secure wifi from hacking – full guide 2021

how to secure wifi from hacking

I am happy to see you on my blog, and it’s good that you are showing interest in “how to secure wifi from hacking at your home”. Here I am describing 5 methods to secure WiFi. but You can do that only while accessing the WiFi setup page of the router. So first, you must know … Read more

How to Make Anonymous VPN vs. TOR Full Explanation 2021

How to Make Anonymous VPN vs. TOR image

Hello friends, welcome on my blog! Today I am going to describe about TOR and VPN. Many new person ask about Being anonymous on internet but actually they don’t know “what tools can make them anonymous completely?” So I decided to write a short article on How to Make Anonymous VPN vs. TOR. The following things … Read more

How to use Linux Debian package manager “dpkg”

Linux Debian Package Manager “dpkg” Debian package manager is used to install, remove and upgrade packages (Software) in Debian-based Operating systems such as Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, etc. apt-get package handling utility is best for managing packages for new users. but in Kali Linux, only those Software Packages can be installed by APT utility, which is … Read more