Ethical Hacker Salary is 1 Million Per Anum Check Facts Now 2021


Lots of people are confused to choose a career in ethical hacking due to salary matter. Maybe you are one of them. As per my experience, You a career should be based on your interest, not a salary. Happiness is more important than money any day ~Jack White Another quotation on money and happiness. “Happiness, … Read more

dnswalk a zone transfer tool in Kali Linux step by step Tutorial

Zone Transfer using dnswalk tool

Overview of dnswalk dnswalk is a DNS debugger. It performs zone transfers of specified domains and checks the database in numerous ways for internal consistency, and accuracy. Source: Solved dnswalk command not found Error dnswalk has existed in the old version of Kali Linux, but if you are using the new version of Kali … Read more

Wget command in Linux with examples, uninterrupted way for downloading


Wget command is a Linux utility that used to download the files from the web. Basically, we are using web borwser to download file. I will cover wget command in linux with examples in this article. You can use wget command, for now, to download the files from web servers using HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP … Read more

How to use mv command to move a directory in Linux Guide 2021


mv command is very basic command in linux, used to transfer files and move a directory in linux from one location to another location. I will explain everything about mv command so you will learn how move folder in linux without any headache. You may like the following tutorial: How to use mkdir command to … Read more

NTFS Alternate Data Streams, a Guide For Beginner 2021

ntfs alternate data streams

NTFS Alternate Data Streams in Window NTFS Alternate Data Streams in Window is a method where you can hide one file data into another file data. These is alternate data streams available only on the NTFS file system of window  Scenario:  If you created a text file with the name firstfile.txt in notepad and write … Read more

Information Gathering Techniques and Process, You must Know fro hacking


Data is the most important asset of an organization. Leakage of data will expose the weak points of your company, so securing the company’s important data is the main concern. If confidential information is leaked, then a company can be finished by its competitors. Just for an example if you share your bank details with … Read more

Google Hacking is Part of Open Web Information Gathering Guide

Learn best Google hacking tricks for hacker OR Penetration Tester Hacker or Penetration tester uses Google search tricks called Google hacking tricks to gather information about the target by open web. Are you really serious about “How to hack Google”. It doesnt mean you are going to hack google. You are just going to manipulate … Read more

[Solved] “apt-get command not found” error in Ubuntu by Easy Way


apt-get command is used to manage package in Ubuntu and other Debian based distribution. You can install, remove software in Ubuntu, You can update upgrade ubuntu and other operating systems with help of this command. If you want to install new software on the Linux operating system by apt-get command but you get the error … Read more