Linux File Permission Change by chmod Command in Linux Guide for Beginners

linux file permission

Linux File Permission : chmod Command in Linux Linux File Permission Introduction to Linux File Permission Linux file permission is a very important aspects in terms of security issues for the system administrator of Linux Operating System. Actually, chmod Command in Linux plays a greater role to keep all the files and directories of the … Read more

Make Directory using mkdir Command in Linux Tutorial for Beginners


Making or Creating a Directory (Folder) mkdir Command in Linux mkdir Description In detail, we can say the meaning of “mkdir” is to Make Directory.   When we need to make or create a new folder or directory at a certain location. we have to use mkdir command followed by the name of the folder and … Read more

How to Create Users using adduser Command in Linux complete guide

adduser Command in Linux

Use of adduser Command in Linux Description of adduser Command in Linux In terms of user management, adduser Command in Linux operating system is an important command, which is being used for all administration like work with the system. Actually, either “adduser” or “useradd”, both the commands are functioning in similar ways. Basically, UNIX is … Read more

How to Use Passwd Command in Linux Complete Guide for beginners

passwd command in linux

Passwd Command in Linux Syntax of Passwd Command in Linux Use of Passwd Command in Linux as a User passwd Use of Passwd Command in Linux as a Root User / Super User passwd [username] Introduction The use of passwd command in Linux is necessary for changing passwords of users and root user from time … Read more

Use of cp Command to Copy a File in Linux with example guide

cp command to copy a file in linux

cp Command to Copy a File in Linux Syntax cp [source] [destination] Description of cp Command to Copy a File in Linux You can use the cp command to copy a file in Linux as well as a folder of any kind to the same working directory of any other destination directory.  The use of … Read more

Use of fstab option for Mounting Disk in Linux Permanent

use of fstab option for mounting disk in linux

Mounting Disk in Linux using fstab Option What is Mounting Disk in Linux Mounting disk in Linux is actually a process to access a partitioned and formatted hard disk in the system. Whatever data is stored in a hard disk can only be accessed or used after mounting that hard disk in Linux Operating System. … Read more

How to Use tar Command in Linux with examples – Detailed Explanation

tar command in linux

How to Use tar Command in Linux Objective The objective of this article is to explain various steps of creating backup data of a system using various compression and encryption method, which might be helpful to the reader to go through about tar command and become an expert to use it as an Administrator. We … Read more