Ethical hacking workshop 2days

A Short Note on Ethical Hacking Workshop?

Computer and Internet is a basic need of every person now days, and this technology has unbelievable growth. At the same time Cyber crimes and frauds are increasing day by day. By the help of this program “Ethical Hacking workshop” We will tech  participants “How cyber crimes are happened”. Participants will learn all these things and not only this they will see see the demonstration during workshop, they perform hacking attacks with trainer.

Keep in mind all the  demonstration will be shown in “Ethical Hacking Workshop 2 Days’ only for educational purpose. We will not be responsible for any type of offense done by you after learn Hacking.  We focus only on ethical work. So “learn as a hacker and use skills as Security Researcher” 

Who can participate?

A person that loves technology

  1. The person that have zeal to learn some new things.
  2. Students that study in B.Tech./M.Tech./BCA/MCA/B.Sc./M.Sc. or other technical courses.
  3. The person that use computer /internet/mobile phone or connected with any network, he must be know about cyber security and risk.
  4. The person that have ethics to use skill for creation not for destruction. 
  5. A non technical person that have passion to learn ethical hacking skills and improve it.
  6. The person who want to see himself secure in cyber world, must be attained. 

Ethical hacking Workshop Highlights

Workshop Name :             Ethical hacking workshop 

Course Duration :             2 Days (16 Hours )

Certification :                     Certificate of Completion by Cyber Pratibha 

Study Material :                 E-book, LAB Manual & Reference Guide

Software Kit :                      All Required tools inside DVD

Practical  :                           Participant will do practical along with trainer (on his laptop)

Ethical hacking Workshop Course Content


  1. A big talk on Cyber Crimes
  2. Learn Ethical Hacking and protect your self
  3. Networking and Basics utility
  4. Google Hacking
  5. Information Gathering
  6. Scanning for Open ports
  7. System Hacking (Windows and Linux)
  8. Trojan, Virus, Worms and Keyloggers
  9. Data hiding Technique (Steganography)
  10. Protect your personal Documents (Cryptography )


  • 11. Social Sites (Email, Facebook, Twitter )  Attacks & Security
  • 12. Firewall and Honeypot
  • 13. Proxy and VPN
  • 14. Session Hijacking and DATA Tampering
  • 15. DOS and DDOS Attack
  • 16. Hacking with USB
  • 17. Hacking Browser
  • 18. XSS and BEeF
  • 19. Credit Card Frauds
  • 20. Cyber Low in India



bring laptop with you 

It is strongly recommended to bring your own LAPTOP during the training so that you can easily practice the exercises at home.

Ethical Hacking Workshop's Feature


Workshop will be delivered by experts with friendly behavior. So student can ask anything any time.


We are going to conduct workshop in College/University, So most of student engage in such type of programs. 


Participants can use own laptop for practical, so they will understand better and DO practice more. 


Most beautiful part is live demo, It will increase interest of participants to interact with trainer

Let's discuss about Ethical Hacking Workshop


Q.: Who can attend seminar and workshop?             

A.: Everyone, who has technical background or have interest to boos their career in IT Security.

Q.: I am student, can I organize workshop in my campus?             

A.: YES, You can organize workshop in your campus. You will get coordinator certificate too.

Q.: Who can organize workshop?                    

A.: Anyone, Who has ability to gather students for workshop, and take responsibility to make workshop success.

Q.: Where do you deliver workshops?                 

A.: We deliver workshops all over India

Q.: I never attend workshop, Can I subscribe newsletter?                      

A.: Yes you can subscribe our newsletter without any charge to instant update in your inbox.

Q.: What will the charge of workshop?                          

A.: It is confidential, you can ask to coordinator.

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