How to make Google my default search engine in Window 10

How to set google as default search engine in Mifrosoft Edge

How do I set Google as my default search engine Set Google as default search engine so that any time you search, your results will come from Google. If you any words on browser’s address bar , search by Google without open Google home page. Check following resources for information about changing search settings in […]

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How to change default internet web browser

how to change default internet web browser in Window 10

Default internet web browser in Window 10 Microsoft Edge is an inbuilt app in window 10, it is web browser used to brows web sites. And it is default web browser in window 10 if you make different browser you default like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc, links would not automatically open in Microsoft Edge. […]

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Enable System Administrator built in Account by Net user command

Microsoft Window XP, 7, 8, 10 has a hidden administrator account called System administrator built in account. Many or People are asking how to delete system administrator built in account.  There are no option available to delete this built in account you can enable or disable this account for Microsoft window security purpose. Net user […]

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Microsoft window 10 access data and spy you | Stop it

Microsoft window 10 can spy you and access your location. Online, Data, internet, browser privacy at risk you can edit or change privacy settings. It is against privacy statement and law to access location without user information. How you can stop Microsoft from getting your data, location and IP address without your permission. Here is […]

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