24 Configure a system to use an existing LDAP directory service for user and group information

Install and uninstall packages by rpm command in linux

Linux Tutorial for Beginners - only


RPM command in Linux for Install packages and update software packages.

rpm command in Linux is used to install and uninstall rpm packages and update them. You can also check the status of the installed package. Today’s topics are the following:

  • How to install, update and remove rpm packages
  • Check the status of installed packages
  • Find information about rpm along with the changelog


Linux tutorial for Beginners – Deploy, Configure and maintain System

  1. Install and update software packages by using rpm command
  2. Install and update software packages by using yum command
  3. Manage package group by using Yum command
  4. How to configure a remote repository
  5. How to configure a local repository in CentOS 7
  6. How to Manage repositories
  7. Network Configuration by using Network Manager Text User Interface (nmtui)
  8. Network Configuration by using Network Manager Command Line Interface
  9. Start, stop, and check the status of network services
  10. check the status of firewall and activate ip forwarding
  11. Zone management by using firewall-cmd

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