How to use dnsenum for dns enumeration - Kali

How to use dnsenum for dns enumeration – Kali

MODULE 4:- footprinting

MODULE 4:- Information Gathering

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Why in the DNS enumeration we need dnsenum?

Just like previous tools this is also used for the purpose of gathering information. This is used if we require to access whatever scraps and metal information of the domain sites that we can. What it basically does is enumerates the  DNS enumeration (Information)  about domains. Its a neat way to say that , it provides more organized shit we want to know about the domain. So neat+enumeration+info= YO ASS NEEDS dnsenum. Now, before I carry on let me tell you a little about information……WHAT IS ENUMERATION?? I have no intention of insulting you, I didn’t even catch the meaning of ‘ DNS enumeration’ the first time it fell on my ears.

Enumeration means uniquely identifying a sub-data within a larger Data.


dnsenum [options] [domain name]kali linux

Further down

,kali linux 2

Now , let walk you through all the stuff that is happening above,

  • First, the query is going through all the google addresses , in a specific order. Now depending upon the availability of the addresses the order in which the query traverses is different.
  • Second is the wildcard detection. Now wildcards are basically a symbol that are used to represent multiple characters. the registry of the wildcard is stored in the somttneiwwyh. Its like throwing a drop of acid in water , It looks the same , it feels different now the look is the wild card here that can define both the acid and the water as a single substance , but seeking the registry it can detect the difference.Depending upon the number of subdomains the Wildcard registry is different.
  • The third query is the name-servers , what NS are present in google. depending upon how well google is secured, we may find nothing at all. Now, number of name serversnis equal to the number of subdomains.



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